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Rainy Afternoon Activities for kids

28th Feb 2015

Having kids during warm weather is a dream. They can play outside, form cricket teams, amuse each other in the countryside and just generally avoid getting under your feet. But it’s another story in the rain. When the weather makes it difficult to go outside, boredom is never far off and much more effort needs to go into finding something fun for little ones to do. Well, fear not, here’s a list of 10 activities for kids on rainy afternoons:

  1. Board games: Drag out the toys you used to play with as a child and teach your children that gaming does not always have to mean looking at a screen. If you don’t have any board games at home, try learning a new game with playing cards instead. For those of you who do not have cards at your disposal, you can visit or other such sites that allow you to play online poker.
  1. Baking: What do children love most? Getting messy and eating. Combine the two and cook up something for later with a bit of home-baking. Think kid-friendly recipes like crispy chocolate cakes.
  1. Indoor treasure hunt: This takes a bit of preparation, but will keep them amused for hours. Hide clues around the house and split them into teams to find them. Buy a small prize for the winning team as an incentive to finish.


  1. Bubblebath: Especially on colder days, this is a great way to both warm up and get clean. Using extra bubbly soap can make it fun, along with bath toys and books to keep smaller children amused.
  1. Make a fort: Everyone’s favourite childhood activity! Use old furniture and sheets. When they’ve created something stable, reward them by letting them eat their dinners there.
  1. Charades: An oldie but a goodie! If you haven’t played charades before, it’s a very simple classic. Search online for a full explanation, but basically this requires no equipment and is just about acting out books/films/TV programmes without making a sound. Ideal!


  1. Film festival: Host your own in the living room. Get a few different movies in and invite some of the neighbours’ children in. Make sure to keep them well stocked with snacks like popcorn and ice-cream, or even roasted veg for a slightly healthier twist.
  1. Room tidying competition: This one will make any parent happy. Give your children a set time and then race them against each other to clean up their floors. Get a good prize as an incentive for a job well done.
  1. Make your own pizzas: Cheap pizza bases are easy to find and adding any local toppings will make a tasty dinner treat. Allow kids to experiment by making faces or combining new flavours.
  1. Friendship bracelets: A fun one for everyone. Use old thread you have around the house and pin one end to a pillow, then do plaits and other knots to create some little bracelets. This is one of those fun and creative activities for kids that will keep them silent for hours!

There you have it, some guaranteed boredom busters. For more ideas have a look here!

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