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The battle to save you money on energy is heating up

23rd Nov 2015

Saving energy used to be a solitary and soul destroying experience – a hopeful call to the energy company was fruitless as they couldn’t see your puppy dog eyes over the telephone. Now the landscape has completely changed with a wide range of internet based comparison sites – so much so you now have to compare the comparison services! There are also physical moves you can do to reduce your heating such as new fixtures and fittings in the home including lighting, radiators and boilers.


Probably the most well-known comparison service is USwitch – at this site you can compare gas and ‘leccy as well as broadband, mobiles, banking and insurance. They have updated their website to make it as easy as possible so those who are relatively low internet users can also track down the best prices. If you are already are aware of comparison sites (and you can hardly miss them if you own a TV) then the bigger question you may have is – why bother? The Energy Saving Trust is a site which gives you instant guides to energy saving as well as video guides to understanding your bill and the Home Energy Check. This check gives you some calculations and cost savings which will give you boffin-esque scientific knowledge.

There is also a new kid on the block regarding energy and this is GB Energy Supply – they are taking on a lot of new customers as they look to attract customers in the period before Christmas where people naturally start to look at their energy bills and ponder if they are basically being taken for a ride. Time will tell if great customer service can match their prices so it’s a risk for you to take – the great website Money Saving Expert provides straight talking guides on all the suppliers so do your homework!

Once you take the plunge and change supplier what about your home? Radiators (the big white metal thing hung on the wall) transmit heat and are often unloved as you sling wet clothes and un paired socks on them, but are they any good? A direct supplier is VeriSmart where you can learn how electric radiators can keep heating costs low. I know that radiators don’t set the pulse racing with excitement and lust but it’s surprising how sleek and sexy some radiators are. I know that sexiness and radiators go together like porridge and Moet but their appearance has improved over the years – go see for yourself.

So when deciding to reduce your energy bills you can invest in new heating and get on the internet to compare and switch suppliers – you will probably feel some heat from knowing you are not being ripped off. Money saving on energy can be good for the pocket and sexy – perhaps!

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