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The Benefits of Detox

18th Nov 2015

The act of detoxification is as popular as it is controversial. The question as to whether chugging the green juice is good for your health has been the subject of many arguments between experts and non-experts alike. There are at least as many recommendations for detoxification as there are warnings against it. While relying solely on the act of juicing as your method of being healthy is ineffective on its own, detoxifying as a supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen can do wonders for you. We’ve listed some of the more common effects of someone on a proper detoxification program.


Boost Of Energy

A lot of the hype that detox brings is the claim that it brings you more energy. While it is an oversimplified explanation, to say the least, the thinking is on the right track. By removing products and foods that bring toxins into your body (i.e. caffeine, fat, sugar) and downing healthy servings of fruits and vegetables, you will naturally gain more energy through the double whammy of keeping out the bad stuff while ingesting the good. Just make sure that you hydrate properly in order to bring out the best of your detoxification program.

Efficient Waste Removal

Our body acts pretty much like a machine. Too much unneeded material and waste products will slow it down and, eventually, damage if not destroy it. A decent detoxification program kickstarts the body’s natural function of purging these unneeded wastes. The fiber that is present in many of your juicing ingredients also expediates the process of dumping out waste products from your body.

Weight Loss

This benefit naturally follows a more efficient waste disposal system in the body. By keeping your inner organs free of the clutter that usually comes with toxins and junk material, expect that healthy weight loss will occur. Whether planned or not, your body will shed unneeded fat and bring you to a weight that suits your natural frame more.

Pumped Up Immunity

By having organs that are free to do their functions unhindered by excess by-products, your immune system will be all the more effective. Not only will your body be able to absorb and utilize the nutrients of what you eat, but the fruits and vegetables you intake also boost your already strong immune system by a notch or two.

Anti-Aging Benefits

The Fountain of Youth might be a myth, but having a body that is free of toxic products is as close as you can naturally get. The constant level of damage the average person receives from these toxins is a great contributor to blatant aging in an individual. Reducing, if not outright removing, the presence of these toxins will lead to a slower progression of normal aging symptoms.

Good Vibes

Not all benefits of a detoxification program can be qualified by just a physical aspect. Our mental state is in a balancing act with our physical health. So it just makes sense that anytime we experience a heightened fitness level, we also get a major shot of feel-good endorphins that balance out our minds. Clarity of thought, a better appreciation for one’s surroundings, and an overall happier emotional level is the common benefits that most detox practitioners enjoy.

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