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Top 10 Unusual Venues to Celebrate Your Birthday

13th Nov 2015

For too long you’ve lived your life blandly, it’s high time you add some flavor to it. One way of doing that is ditching the traditional venues and choosing an unusual one to celebrate your birthday .Pick a venue that allows you to do something you’ve never done. You might never have experienced a booze cruise, for example. You won’t get the chance to celebrate your birthday each day so when you do get that opportunity, make it count! Whether it is your 21st, 40th, or 100th birthday, following are some unusual venues to celebrate it.

how to celebrate birthday

1. In a Private Plane

A great place to celebrate your birthday is a private plane. You can either inform the person looking to surprise you on birthday about this or you can treat yourself by renting a private plan where you and your close friends/family can have a drink or two.

2. The Theatre

It is likely that you’ve been to the Cinema at least once on your birthday. For a change, try the theater this time. It is a great way to celebrate your birthday. If you live in a big city, you probably have multiple options to choose from. Head to the theatre and celebrate your birthday by watching a musical or play.

3. At an Orphanage

There’s no better way to celebrate your birthday than spreading love and smiles especially to those that suffer from a lack of it. Head to an orphanage and spend time with children that are in desperate need of a laugh. I can bet that making someone else’s day special will make your own special day more special than it can ever be.

4. At an Amusement Park or a Carnival

If you’re someone over 30, you probably miss being a kid. Your birthday is your chance to relive your childhood. You can do this by either heading to the amusement park to enjoy a roller coaster ride or by attending a carnival.

5. At a Camping Site

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, the online world seems to be taking up most of our time. Your birthday is a great opportunity for you to ditch technology and head outdoors. Go for camping and celebrate your birthday out in the woods. Have a quite time alone or with your family/closest friends.

6. On the Road

A road trip with no destination in mind is what most people dream of. Your birthday is a chance for you to live that dream. Wake up in the wee hours of the morning on your birthday, pack some essential items, and hit the highway with no destination in mind. Spend your day driving on the road, regularly stopping to capture things/ moments along the way that you find interesting.

7. On a Boat

There’s nothing unusual about celebrating your birthday at a wine bar but if that bar happens to be on a boat or better a yacht, it could end up being the best birthday you’ve ever had.

8. At the Aquarium

The Aquarium is another interesting place where you can celebrate your birthday especially if you have an interest in underwater mammals.

9. The Zoo

Just like the amusement park, the zoo is a place where you can relive your childhood. The best time to visit it is your birthday.

10. At a Sports Game

Whether you’re a fan of MLB, NFL or soccer, watching a sports game on your birthday is probably the one unusual and great way to celebrate your birthday.

Of course, you will always have your own definition of “unusual” places to celebrate your birthday. Wherever that might be, what’s important is that you are happy. Happy birthday!

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