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Top Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bed for your Children

1st Oct 2013

Kids are dynamic, lively and bursting with energy. With classes during the day, running around in the playground and after-school activities keeping them busy and on their feet, it’s a wonder they argue about bedtime at all!

Even if they insist they’re not tired, odds are they will fall asleep the minute their head hits the pillow. It’s important that kids get enough sleep for healthy growth and to ensure they are productive and alert the following day.

That’s why a good bed is an essential feature of any kid’s room.


Most kids will want a say on what their new bed looks like, and while you might be more willing to let them choose their own bedding, there are a few practical points you should bear in mind as a parent and a homeowner with regards to the actual bed.

Single Beds

Most parents opt for a single bed for their children, especially if they are making the transition from cot to a ‘big kid’ bed as the similar width means it won’t feel so unfamiliar.

Single beds are also ideal if space is at a premium because they will leave enough room for other essentials such as storage. Alternatively, combine the two with a single divan bed with drawers.

Divan beds are also easy and convenient because the base, mattress and headboard are pre-assembled and ready for use.


Support Rating

Any mattress, regardless of who will be sleeping on it, should be both comfortable and supportive in order to provide the best possible environment for a good night’s sleep. Since kids are not as heavy as adults, they don’t require the same amount of support so opt for a softer sleeping surface such as a medium mattress rather than a firm one.

Just for Kids

There is a wide range of beds designed specifically for kids – check out the Carpetright collection which encompasses everything from fun and colourful bunk beds to practical sleepstations.

There are also beds geared to your child’s specific interests such as princess or football children’s beds to ensure they love their new bed as much as you do.


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