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Visiting Some of the Best Markets in London to Save Money

23rd Dec 2015

The cost of food appears to be rising, and I am finding it harder and harder to buy fresh, quality produce at a reasonable price. The cost of living has increased in London, and if I want to reach my goal of saving 10K this year, I will need to shop smart. There are many alternatives to the local supermarket if you are willing to search hard enough.

Why choose the markets for your grocery shopping

There are some incredibly famous markets in London, which attract thousands of tourists every year; however, there are also smaller markets, which can help you to save money. The markets throughout London are brilliant and offer a huge array of different produce. You will need to be up early though to ensure that you grab the bargains.

Saving money is my goal this year; therefore, I need to spend time searching for the best bargains, which will help to feed the girls a healthy, nutritional diet. The joy of many of the markets in London is that I can buy several different food items all under one roof. The has indicated that food prices are set to rise again this year, which is not good for anyone on a budget.

Some of the top markets to use

Greenwich Market is one of my favourite markets and is open from Tuesday to Sunday and offers a fantastic selection of food. The covered aspect of this market makes it ideal, regardless of the weather, and ensures that I can find bargains all year. The organic vegetables on offer in this market are some of the best in the area, and are affordable, which is a bonus.

Brixton Village Market is another popular market that I enjoy visiting, and the regeneration that it went through in 2009 has ensured that it is far more inviting. The quaint shops in this market allow me to pick up bargains, and treats for the girls that would typically be too expensive. The atmosphere in the market is vibrant and friendly, and the stall holders are always there to help.

Broadway market was once considered to be a specialist market, however, today; you will find some brilliant bargains, and exciting food options. The cake and bread stalls in the market are fantastic, and always supply fresh, locally made products at an excellent price. I love buying my cheese from here as the stalls offer many samples ensuring that you make the right decision.

Enjoying the markets every week

Once you get into the habit of getting up early, and exploring the different markets you will love the savings which you can make throughout the year. If I continue to shop wisely, and save money on my weekly shop, my goal of saving 10K will become a reality. There is no need to sacrifice the food items that you enjoy, if you take the time to search for bargains.

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