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Want a living room to make you swoon? Here’s how

27th Feb 2015

A sofa with the comfort of a granite slab; a telly that would have looked old-fashioned in the 60s; the furniture finesse of a tramp in a bin – it’s time to update your living room.

And if you’re a busy mom, the need for the perfect living room is even more pressing. Just imagine your kids running around a space that looks about as cheerful as Jack Dee staring at an existential Dulux colour chart – they’d be miserable, to say the least.

What you need is a living room that’s bright, vivacious and raring to go for your rambunctious little ‘uns. Here’s how to get it.


Reap the rewards of a fine recline

You might think you’re satisfied with uncomfy chairs, but you’re not considering the long-term – with every passing month, your lumbar strength will weaken, your derriere will soften, all until your spine is as stable as a melted slinky.

But there are plenty of chairs that can give you back support. For our money, Sherborne recliners are your best bet. A fine recline will allow you to adjust your seat just-so. Your kids will love it, too – just imagine their faces lighting up when they get to muck about on your new reclining contraption.

Cram it with colours

Your little sprogs don’t react to charcoal greys and pure, sleek whites. Colours are what their malleable minds desire. Every dash of a rich red or a curious orange will set off a firework of synapses, developing their cognitive functions at an increased rate.


So if you want to give your kids the best chance in life, fill your front room, from wallpaper to works of art, with colours that will set their mind in motion.

More than this, bright colours can cheer up any adults in the house. The general rule is, the brighter the room, the happier the individual.

Cling to high culture

Do you want your kids to turn into knuckle-dragging dunces or excelling Einsteins? If the answer is the latter, it’s time to put some smarts into your interior design.

Invest in a bookcase and fill it with goodies, from classics like Shakespeare to the latest and greatest like Ellis and Self. Be sure to stick in a few kid’s favourites, too – that’ll make those high-brow novels more appealing.

Once you’ve got your reading materials sorted, fill your living room with figures and ornaments that might inspire them to be creative. Your kids might not appreciate the effort now – but they will when they’re old, successful and counting the zeros on the end of their paycheque.

Who knew a living room could be so versatile?

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