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What Makes the Perfect Family Holiday Villa

25th Jul 2013

A villa holiday is a great way to get away for a week or two with the family, using resources such as Exceptional Villas to find the perfect one for a relaxing break. What private villas provide is a home away from home and a chance to live as a family for the holiday without the cramped surroundings. It’s also an excellent way to holiday with young children as it provides the security and ring-fenced an environment in a hotel cannot, or certainly not without excessive costs attached. So, what really does make the perfect family villa rental?:

Lots of Floor Space

For general family interaction large open plan floor spaces found in most high-end villas are ideal. Common holiday destinations such as Florida lead the way on this. You may be travelling with grandparents or friends so the ability for people to come and go, interact but also have their own space is an important part of any family holiday.


The ideal villa resides in a resort community with its own waterpark. King of all resort waterparks is Reunion Resort in Orlando. The waterpark is a focal point surrounded by a vast estate of several hundred pool homes. Being able to take the kids to the waterpark without ever having to leave your short term rental community is what dreams are made of for stressed parents or grandparents on holiday with bored kids. What is great about a waterpark is it keeps kids of all ages occupied from
toddlers right up to teenagers.

Golf Courses

The chance for the male (or female) holiday party members to get away from it all for an afternoon is conducive to a generally relaxed break. Access to golf courses, either on the short term rental community itself or nearby is a great way to ensure this. Resorts in Orlando and southern Europe are often built around golf courses so check this before you book and ensure you have access to the golf facilities (and for any additional related costs.)

Manned Security Gates

If you’re abroad with your family the benefit of staying in a hotel is the ability to call on help or guidance if required. If you’re staying in a private villa look for one in a resort community with a secure manned entry gate. This provides additional security but also gives you a contact point for advice on anything from nearby hospitals to simply how to get from A to B.

Close to Things to Do

Last but not least the real benefit of a private villa is the ability to get away from it all but you still need to be close to activities if you are on holiday as a family. Look out for waterparks, go-karting or theme park resorts nearby. For villas in Orlando staying within the Kissimmee area gives quick and easy access to the Walt Disney World resort and there are several excellent resort communities in this area only a few miles from Disney.

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