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Why You Need Pet Insurance

18th Nov 2013

When your pet is healthy and happy, it’s hard to imagine the stress and upset caused if they become ill or suffer an injury. UK citizens have the NHS to come to their aid, whereas animals have the services of hard-working vets, but this treatment can cost a lot of money.

In order to be able to cope with any forthcoming vet bills, it really is a good idea to take out some sort of protection. A quick search on sites such as Pet Insurance Review will allow you to compare pet insurance to see what is covered in the policy. Animals can become very ill, very quickly and because they can’t actually tell us what is wrong with them, the diagnostic skills of a vet are essential. For example, there are a lot of issues that can cause dog vomiting but it is up to the vet to determine which it is and treat them accordingly.


A trip to the vets can become prohibitively expensive in a very short space of time; you won’t just be paying for the services of the veterinary practice, but for any medicines that are prescribed for your much-loved pet. These unexpected veterinary bills could be covered if you have good pet insurance. You could consider discussing the different policies and benefits with Frankfort State Farm insurance agents or any others for that matter.

There is a range of policies to choose from. Some of these policies offer basic protection, which includes covering the costs of any treatment up to 2,000 for each condition. However, do read the terms and conditions carefully, as any pre-existing illness will most probably not be included in this type of basic policy.

Another option is to opt for the Select Plus cover from the Co-operative Insurance, which will cover your pet for up to 5,000 per year and also includes 750 worth of treatment. Click here to compare pet insurance form the Co-operative Insurance. Most animal conditions, even those that don’t require surgery, can tally up very quickly, so it might be best to go online and get a quote for your premium costs. Once an animal requires surgery, then nursing costs will be included as well as a potential overnight stay at the vet’s practice.

Other Benefits

Pets can also qualify for a type of life insurance; this could prove very useful should you wish to replace your family friend after death. Another element to take into account is whether your pet insurance will protect you should the animal disappear.

This insurance will help you meet the costs of any advertising campaign that aims to raise awareness of your lost pet or, should you choose, the offer of a reward.

Sometimes your animal may be the cause of an accident and pet insurance can help you with legal costs, should this situation arise. Most policies only cover dogs in this instance, but it is useful to know that there is help should your pet run out into the road and cause a car crash.

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