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Wood effect flooring: Which type is right for your home?

27th Jun 2017

Many homeowners love the appearance of wooden flooring, but are put off by the cost of real timber. Thankfully there are a wide range of alternatives out there- from porcelain tiles to laminate floorboards- to help you to get the look of natural wood without the high price tag. Find out the pros and cons of each type of wood effect flooring below.

Wood effect porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles are one of the most practical flooring options as they are extremely strong and durable. This makes them very easy to maintain, as they require no sealing or treating and don’t need special cleaning agents. A high quality porcelain tile can mimic the natural beauty of wooden floor boards without the high costs of hardwood flooring, and you can choose the perfect colour for your home as they often come in a range of different timber styles.

Laminate floor tiles

Like porcelain tiles, laminates are available in a number of different colourways to mimic different types of timber. Often the cheapest option when it comes to wood effect flooring, laminate floor tiles are made from layers of synthetic material topped with a design that mimics the look of natural wood grain. The best way to find out whether this type of flooring can work for your home, would be to consult a flooring company like Shadow Wood Flooring, so that you can view the materials and understand installation costs. This can help you make an informed decision when it comes to your home’s flooring. Some laminate flooring is constructed with a tongue and groove shape or a ‘click’ design so that the tiles fit together without the need for adhesive. This makes them easy to install, but laminate is a less durable material than porcelain so it is more easy to scratch and harder to clean, depending on the finish.

Engineering wood flooring
For homeowners who want both the look and the feel of timber flooring, engineered wood flooring is the next best thing, and you can visit this website to get an idea of what it looks like and how you could use it in your home. Engineered hardwood is made of layers of plywood with a layer of real hardwood veneer at the top. It can actually be more hardwearing than solid hardwood, as it is less sensitive to moisture and heat, so is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. However, engineered flooring is often the most expensive alternative so not one to pick if price is your deciding factor.

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