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3 Signs That You Need to Update Your Family Car Situation

28th Jul 2016

When the dynamics within your family change, a lot of other changes need to take place in order to accommodate your new lifestyle. While you may remember other material things you need to either purchase or get rid of to make your family function properly, one area you may be forgetting about is transportation. During different stages within your family’s lifecycle, you’re going to have different needs when it comes to transportation. So to help you realize when it’s time to change up your vehicular possessions, here are three signs that you need to update your family car situation.


You’re Adding More Kids

When it was just you and your spouse, bringing in just a single baby to the mix likely didn’t necessitate purchasing a new vehicle. But once you start adding more than just one child, you’re probably going to want to purchase a vehicle that can safely and comfortably fit everyone. Not only do you have to ensure you have enough seatbelts for everyone, but you have to be able to pack everyone’s belongings away as well. And if you have kids, you know they come with a lot of stuff. For this reason, Christian Wardlaw, a contributor to, shares that parents looking for a new family vehicle should focus on cargo space, safety ratings, interior design and the value of the car when making a final purchase.

Your Kids Are Starting To Drive

While teaching your kids to drive can be a little scary for you on a personal safety level, it can also be scary on a financial level. states that first time drivers need a vehicle that is safe, reliable, and something that won’t cost too much money at the initial purchase or in terms of upkeep. And while you might think paying for a car for your teen drivers is tough, getting them insured could be even tougher. Try to encourage our children to keep their grades up and to practice defensive driving in order to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible.

You Have Less Kids At Home

Once one or more of your children start leaving home to begin their own adult lives, it’s now the perfect time for you to update your family car again from something large and spacious to something smaller and with better gas mileage. And without kids to have to worry about, you may even want to purchase a brand new car. According to Ann Carrns, a contributor to the New York Times, it’s still very possible to get a new car loan with a pretty low interest rate. Just try to make sure that the terms are set for a five year loan or less so you end up paying less interest over time.

By knowing when to update your family vehicles, you can always be prepared for the new chapter of your family’s life. Use the tips mentioned above to help you know when it’s time to look for a new family car.

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