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3 Tips for Teaching Your Young Daughter About Makeup

25th Sep 2017

If you’re the mother of a daughter, you’ve likely thought about how to broach certain subjects with your daughter so she’s knowledgeable about various topics that women must face in the world. One of these things you’ve probably considered talking about is beauty. For most women, talking about beauty also means talking about ways to enhance that beauty, like wearing makeup. But for most girls, this skill isn’t something that comes naturally. So to help your daughter along this journey, here are three tips for teaching your young daughter about makeup.

Understand What True Beauty Is

While makeup is something that most women wear, it can be tough to talk about this subject with your impressionable daughter. Young girls often feel insecure, and telling them about how makeup could enhance their beauty might make them feel like they’re not naturally beautiful. So when you’re going to talk to your daughter about makeup, Sonya Benham, a contributor to, recommends reiterating to your daughter that they don’t need to change their appearance. That makeup is just a tool. That true beauty is already seen in your daughter and that your self worth shouldn’t be tied to how you look. If you’re able to show your daughter this truth, learning about makeup can be much more fun.

When To Start and What To Start With

Every parent is going to have a different idea of when their daughter should start wearing makeup and what items they should start with. According to Lynn Okura, a contributor to, thirteen is a good age for girls to start wearing makeup. To slowly get them more comfortable with applying their own makeup, you may want to set rules that they can add a new type of makeup each year. Consider starting with a light lip gloss and then adding things like mascara, blush, and concealer. This will give her the chance to get used to a particular product and application process before becoming too overwhelmed by all the choices and options that come with makeup.

See A Makeup Professional

If you’re not comfortable with teaching your daughter about makeup or in your ability to help her find the right products for her skin type or tone, Mercedes Samudio, a contributor to suggests going to a makeup store or department and getting your daughter a makeover from a professional. This could be a great way for your daughter to get some good tips for a professional makeup artist and to find products that will work well for her at her stage of development.

When your young daughter is ready to learn more about feminine beauty and applying makeup, consider using the tips mentioned above to help her feel comfortable and confident with her ability to enhance her natural beauty.

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