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Choosing a perfect family car!

2nd Oct 2017

When you have new life coming into the world your mind is filled with everything that you need to do and learn in order to give them the best life possible. From safe-guarding your home, to collecting advice, to reading any book you can get your hands on, your brain has switched from ‘me’ to ‘them and us’. One of the things that may come to mind is the vehicle you are driving and if it’s big enough, safe enough, fuel efficient enough, for all the running around you are going to be doing over the next 18 years. Your shopping experience just got a whole lot larger, will your current car fit all those grocery bags? You had a 2-seater coupe, though we both know that won’t be enough space for your entire family plus diaper bags, folded strollers, toys, and when they get older, their hordes of friends as you trek them to the mall. Not only that, but the meticulous care you put towards maintaining and keeping things clean will be quickly ruined when you go over a bump and it causes your baby to paint the interior of your car a different color. You need a vehicle that will act as a mini-tank, insuring the safety of those inside, as well as have enough room for everything you think you need and then some, not to mention being easy to clean (or at least easy on your conscious when things get a bit dingy.) Another thing to consider is whether or not to go with an alternative fuel source rather than fossil fuels. With the advances in automotive technology you can thankfully now find electric vehicles of all types, shapes and sizes. No longer needing to drive around in that worn out mini-van screaming ‘soccer mom’, you can pull up to the movie theater in something that hums quietly, has cameras going 360 degrees around the car to make sure you don’t run over your children as they sprint wildly away in all directions, and that you can charge from your home, saving you time you spent at the pump as well as money you can better use elsewhere.

Maybe you have a new family on the way and know that it’s now time to sell that ride you have been enjoying and move onto to something family-friendly. Or maybe what you have now is starting to kick the bed, dragging along on it’s last days. Or on the opposite side of things, maybe you are leaving that family-centric bubble as your kids have moved out to begin their own independent lives (one slow, sad tear rolls down a relief washed face). Whatever your situation may be, start the search now by heading online and fine-tune what you are looking for so you can spend as little time possible on this and more time packing lunches and pulling your hair out! Being a parent has its rewarding moments as well as its startling challenges, but finding the perfect vehicle for you and your family can be like riding that middle road.

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