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4 ways to get out of the house this summer

3rd May 2019

There’s only so much time you can spend sweltering on a sofa. It’s time to kick open your front door and make the most of those long summer days

Summer is a time to get out in the fresh air and sunshine, meet new people and experience new things. While a few weeks spent at home doing very little might sound appealing at first, you’ll quickly discover that there are only so many afternoons you can fill by watching daytime television before you lose your mind. Even so, if your air conditioner is working properly (if it isn’t, contact the San Antonio AC Repair Yeti Cooling & Heating company), and you have a lot of shows to watch and books to read, it can become quite comfortable to just stay indoors.

You could also enjoy some time spent reading in your garden, if you have a summer house or a shed. While most people might think the two are effectively the same, there is a difference. And what is the difference between summer house and shed? A summer house differs from a shed in that it is a leisure and aesthetic room built for relaxation and amusement, whereas a shed is a functional space mostly used for storage. A summer house is normally larger than a shed and can serve various functions, whereas a shed is typically smaller and used to store garden tools and equipment.

Spending time in this kind of outbuilding can be a great way to build some skills and practice arts and craft, like painting or crocheting. It can also feel like a way to get out of your house, even though it’s an extension. However, even though this time can be very rewarding and fulfilling, it’s important to get out and explore other things over the summer. And sometimes working out how to get out of the house more can be difficult in itself, which is why we’ve compiled this list of fun and rewarding ways in which you can have a more sociable, worthwhile summer break.

Join a club

Clubs are full of people who are eager to experience new things and make new friends, all of them with a shared interest to break the ice. The amount of subjects you can form a club around is staggering. For the more culturally minded, book clubs, creative writing workshops and clubs for amateur historians offer a great opportunity to engage in your passions with equally civilised souls. If you want something more active, joining a local sports team keeps you fit and helps you build friendships with people working towards a shared goal. Everything from gardening and knitting to feminism and films can by the focus of a club. Search local magazines and social media sites for lists of clubs near you, and if you can’t find one that appeals, start one of your own!

Summer school

Summer school may sound like an empty threat parents use on their wayward children, but it’s a fantastic way for teenagers to make new friends, learn new things, increase their confidence and social skills, and prepare for their future. Immerse Education offers a range of exciting academic programmes at their Cambridge summer school, each taught to a small class by a tutor from a world-renowned university. As the location for a summer school, Cambridge is a wonderful place for a teenager to learn alongside like-minded students from around the globe, exploring new ideas and broadening their horizons.

Work and volunteer

A summer job or volunteer position can be hugely rewarding, and makes for a more sociable and engaging break. Job in retail, as a babysitter, a gardener, or in a restaurant or café, will get you out of the house, meeting new people and making some money. Charity jobs, like working in a care home, tutoring younger students, going shopping for the elderly or disabled, and reading to the blind, make you feel as though you’ve done something truly meaningful with your time, made someone’s life a little easier or happier, and (more selfishly) look really good on job and university applications.

Become a tourist

If you not only want to get out of the house this summer, but get out of your home town, travelling is the way to go. The world is full of incredible locations and fascinating people, who can enrich your life and help you see things in a whole new way. Cheap travel options are available to students and volunteers, or you could find work as you go in restaurants, farms and shops.

Alternatively, if travelling isn’t your cup of tea, take the summer as an opportunity to become a tourist in your own area. All too often we neglect all that the place we live in has to offer, so behave as if you’ve never set foot in it before. Go to museums, see a show, drive to nearby parks and villages for a day trip, or try out the cafés and restaurants you pass by every day. Getting out of the house doesn’t have to mean stepping much further than your doorstep.

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