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5 Beautiful Keepsakes For Children

13th Jun 2014

Buying children gifts can be difficult. They have everything! Choosing the perfect gift for children can be difficult, especially when they have so much. It is important to remember that kids really aren’t bothered what you buy them, they simply love the excitement of having something new to love, and cherish. So, if you are in a present giving quandary do not despair, you can find the perfect present for the children in your life, should you follow the advice of this guide:


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Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain dolls are the perfect keepsake for little girls. They love nothing more than admiring their beautiful clothes and amazing hair. Of course, the trouble is, is that they want to play with them! Porcelain dolls are an amazing gift for little girls of all ages that are enthralled with all things wonderful and whimsical. Nothing quite matches the joy of having a porcelain doll. What is more, these make perfect gifts that can be treasured forever.

Personalised Art

There is nothing more wonderful than receiving the gift of art. So, if you are looking for gender neutral gifting options, then this is certainly going to tick all the required boxes. Personalised art can come in many forms, it all depends on your child’s likes and dislikes. What is more, parents will adore these gifts too as they can hang in them in their child’s bedroom. Simply consider what your child likes, what their favourite characters are and so forth and adorn with the personalised details of the child, such as their birthday and names.

Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is a wonderful gift for small children, irrespective of gender. If you want to make sure that the child receiving the gift has a gift that they can truly adore for a lifetime, opting for silver jewellery is perfect. You can choose from bangles, bracelets, rings and necklaces. What is more, you can have the jewellery personalised with their initials for a truly remarkable keepsake that  they are sure to adore forever. They may even pass their jewellery down to their own children in many years to come!

Build a Bear

Creating the perfect teddy bear for a child is a gift that they will get hours of enjoyment out of. You can personalise the bear to their likes and desires, or even have their favourite cartoon characters immortalised into a stuffed toy. You can then have a voice box inserted into the bear with your own message that they will love. If this gift wasn’t enough, they will also get their own teddy bear birth certificate, with all the details of their beloved new toy’s characteristics. Children and adults alike will love this gift.

Rocking Horse

Kids love anything that fuels their imagination, and what better way of doing so than buying a rocking horse. You can opt for a traditional, wooden rocking horse or the more contemporary soft finished horses. Whatever style you choose, kids are sure to spend hours of fun on this gorgeous toy. They will look back with fond memories on this awesome gift.

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