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Indoors or Outdoors? Where is the Best Place to House Your Cat

6th Nov 2014

Cats are fantastically independent creatures, which for those of us with busy family lives makes them ideal pets. They’ll show you and your children the love and affection we crave without the need to be walked several times throughout the day.


When it comes to where your cat should spend most of its time the decision can be a tough one. Some cats spend their entire lives inside a home without ever venturing out onto a patio or into a garden, while others enjoy a happy mix of the two, benefiting from a sleep on a warm sofa to a selection of gardens to explore. But is a cat better off indoors or outdoors? Here we take a look at the two options.



Cats that live their entire lives indoors do tend to live significantly longer than those who don’t. Our indoor feline friends face less potential risks and hazards on a daily basis than their counterparts who encounter such dangers as busy roads and diseases.

cozy cat When a cat is solely housed indoors it is far easier for their owner to spot any health problems early on and get them treated.Changes in behavioural patterns can include suddenly drinking more than usual, loss of appetite or hiding away. If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors, you may not be aware of these indicators until it’s too late.

However indoor environments can become predictable and boring for your cat so you’ll need to work a bit harder to keep them mentally and physically entertained.


An outdoor cat has the capacity to lead a much more active life with copious back gardens to play in and things to discover, so there is far less tendency for them to become overweight and lazy. That said, if your cat doesn’t have easy access to food, it may starve. A starving cat is every pet owner’s nightmare so if you do choose to have an outdoor cat, make sure you install a cat flap.

cat outside Many cat owner’s homes have cat flaps which give their furry friends access to come and go as they please. However outdoor dangers of the unknown exist for any cat who spends time outside. You can provide the best care and home environment for them within your control, but if they are outdoors they are open to the elements, whether by Mother Nature or man-made.

cat flap Remember that wherever you choose to house your cat that curious cats can sometimes get into trouble, so an outdoor garden fence may be a safe way to give your cat the best of both worlds. To better understand your cat’s needs, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor cat, check out the cat advice and welfare, tips and facts for more information. If you’re looking for a new cat, consider adopting a feline friend from the RSPCA. You can rehome a cat to give a great pet a second chance or choose a kitten to love.

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