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5 Essentials to Achieve a Stylish and Professional Look

17th May 2016

There has to be a balance between looking like you’re ready for work, a business meeting, a date, or stepping right off the runway. You can pull a few tricks, incorporate a few accessories, mix and match, or go the easy way: have one attire for each occasion. It seems like the most practical solution, but you don’t want to have your outfits become boring. Colors can be wonderful, and layers can add a stylish twist to an otherwise overused look.

We could tell you a few things about what to wear to work this year, what’s fashionable and acceptable, but not everyone has the budget and time to create an exquisite business outfit. Trends change. On the other hand, we could just tell you the basics. Here are a few things you must have that will style up your look and make you turn from a businesswoman to a beacon of professionalism, elegance, and refinement. And, they will be your best choices forever.

The Nude Shoes

woman carrying nude colored shoes

Elegance and style are spoken in a pair of classic shoes. A pair of nude colored stilettos, pumps, or whichever heel you prefer will become a staple in your wardrobe. They’re a wonderful choice that can go with anything, be it a pair of bright shaded or beige pants, from the darkest hints of black and gray to create a stunning outfit and flaunt your legs. The toned down color is not too flashy nor too dull, and it will be fantastic for strong contrasts or even monochromatic outfits.

The catch? Find the right shade of nude to match your skin tone. They will make your legs look slimmer, longer, and will add subtle elegance to any professional outfit.

The Elegant Wristwatch

Successful business woman working at the office

While everyone has a smartphone these days that arrives with an actual clock to check the time, wristwatches are certainly not dead. They’re a beautiful accessory and an essential for every professional outfit you have.  There are perhaps too many styles, shapes, and sizes out there to choose from, and that can become a problem. Yes, too many options can be a point of issue these days. What you need to do, however, is find the perfect one that goes with everything.

The beauty of an elegant watch is that you do not have to bother with any other accessories besides it. You certainly can mix and match the colors, metals, or even gems, but it’s powerful enough to stand on its own, as long as it has a dash of simplicity and a classic look. Pick a wristwatch that can go with anything, from a chic pencil skirt and fashionable shirt or blouse combination to casual jeans and cozy sweater. No matter where you work or how you need to look, a beautiful wristwatch will be the sparkle of your attire and the pinnacle of your accessories.

The Refined Accessory

professional woman wearing pearl bracelet

What can break the lines between a normal business outfit and one dripping with professionalism and style? One accessory is all you need in order to jump from a businesswoman to a fashion diva, and that’s the subtle elegance of pearls. Diamonds may be forever, but pearls are coming back in style, and they will be here to stay. They are the epitome of refinement in their smoothed out simplicity and variety in shapes. No matter the color and size, they can be paired with a casual outfit or a professional attire in a way that it will offer a subtle hint of sophistication.

You do not have to go all out on the classic necklace with sizeable beads. Instead, you can opt for simpler options to represent your youth, such as a dazzling double strand bracelet that is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Never forget that pearls are not only white. You can mix and match them with numerous outfits by opting for colorful choices to lighten up an otherwise strict look.

The Bag that Goes with Everything

Closeup portrait of young pretty lonely woman

Have we mentioned the nude colored shoes? A sizeable bag that is in the same shade will be the perfect choice for all-day wear whether you are traveling around town from one meeting to another, and then want to head for a girl’s night out into town. Pick one that will be practical for your needs and equally fashionable that will turn every business look into one of chic professionalism.

The perfect bag will add that stunning touch of femininity, along with being incredibly practical. Opt for a classic, nude colored one in the same shade as those shoes you surely already have and love.

The Smart Colors

Young woman with laptop

There is no such thing as the perfect color combination. Trends change, shades that were fashionable one year might no longer be considered chic and stylish the next. However, there are quite a few of them who will remain the pillars of a professional look that will send the right message. Grey and navy blue are classic smart colors that can be mixed and matched in a way to express your professionalism, intelligence, and dedication. Learn how to accessorize them, match them, and incorporate them to become the true essence of proficiency and grace.

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