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Self Maintenance Tips For A Mother on the Go

20th May 2016

If you think you’re busy and that you never see your friends once you get married, graduate college, and have a full time job to contend with, you’re in for a rude surprise when you have children. Children are a different kind of busy. You realize how much dead time you actually had in the day to day life when kids come along.


Because kids are so much to deal with and require every ounce of your attention all of the time, it can be extremely difficult to get anything done or spend any time making sure that you yourself are presentable, clean, and in working order. If you’re a mother on the go and have a busy lifestyle, here are some self maintenance tips to help you feel a little more put together amongst your busy lifestyle:

Dress Up Your Basics

As a mother you might have very little time to go out and shop for yourself. If you do go out and shop, most of your effort and money goes towards buying clothing and other things for your kids. This might leave you feeling like a frumpy and unkempt mess. As a mother, it isn’t your obligation to feel or look that way. It can be rather simple to look good without putting in a lot of effort.

Try buying basic clothes like leggings and flowy tops and then dress everything up by accessorizing. Perhaps jewelery won’t work for you, but maybe you can buy tops with lace accents or detailing on them. A little sparkle goes a long way to make you feel and look like the superstar you are.

Indulge in Self Care

As busy moms, it’s easy to put yourself and your needs last. However, taking time for self-care is so important. Do what you can to prioritize your mental and physical health. Get a babysitter once a month so you can enjoy a massage or spa. A simple web search using phrases similar to “facial spa near me” or “spa treatments near me” can help you find nearby spa options easily. Apart from all these, you can also sneak in 10 minutes of meditation when the kids are occupied. Go for a walk by yourself to clear your head. Prepare yourself a nourishing meal rather than grabbing fast food. Drink an extra glass of water and get more sleep. Small acts of self-care will revitalize you and help you be the best version of yourself, even on the busiest days. Putting yourself first sometimes will ultimately allow you to be more present and patient with your kids.

Find Time to Do Your Makeup

Makeup is by no means an obligation to have to wear as a woman, but it does wonders for your self confidence and presentation. Makeup also doesn’t have to take forever to apply. You’re busy. That’s understandable. If you’re looking for ways to amp up your look, just find the time to apply a little makeup. Do it while your children are in the bath, or put on a short video to entertain them just for 10 minutes while you take the time for yourself.

Just Use the Dry Shampoo

You’re tired, you found the time to do your makeup, but there is no way that you’re fitting in a shower. That’s okay. Don’t sweat it. That’s what beauty products are for. If you have ever been in the situation where you desperately need a shower because your hair is looking a bit unkempt and greasy, go buy yourself a bottle of dry shampoo and go to town. You’ll be amazed how long you can go without a wash when a little – or a lot – of dry shampoo is in your bag of tricks.

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