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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Overseas

5th Jun 2015

There are some common mistakes parents make when wanting to move internationally. Take a look at avoid them if you’re about to make the big move with your family

Moving internationally and settling in a new country with your family can be incredibly exciting but at the same time exhausting. Not only do you have to think of your stuff but you also have to take care of the kid’s stuff. There are a couple of common mistakes that you should avoid if you want the relocation process with your family to be stress-free.

To help you avoid these common mistakes, here’s a list of 5 mishaps to avoid when moving abroad with your family.

1. Not Using the Right International Movers

The safety of your family’s possessions is of the utmost importance when moving internationally. So take the time to research Reads removals Peterborough before settling on a removals company. Since your belongings are going to be shipped a long way away, it’s important to choose experienced professionals. Remember to arrange all the usual formalities with your removals company on time and be sure to find out exactly what services they offer and what you will need to arrange yourself.

A lot of people want to simply hire the cheapest removals company. But beware of companies offering questionably low estimates. Be sure to ensure that your removals company is licensed and fully insured and that your belongings are fully insured prior to the big move.

2. Neglecting to Plan the Move

Moving overseas takes a lot of preparation and planning. Organisation is so important to ensure your move with Reads removals Peterborough is hassle-free..

Before you begin packing, make a detailed list of everything you’re going to need to do before the move. Once that’s done, start preparing a schedule of what needs doing. By making lists, you’ll make sure you don’t leave everything until the last minute and that you’re on top of everything throughout the packing and moving process.

You also need to make sure that you have organized all your visas and other relevant documents. If you are moving somewhere where you are already allowed to live but perhaps you met your partner abroad then you may want to look for services like Mayfair Immigration to help you with this particular area of visa documentation.

3. Failing to Research the Destination

Many families wanting to move internationally make the mistake of not really knowing their destination enough to decide if they do want to move there. If you’ve just spent a few week’s holiday in a foreign country and decided it’s where you want to live, you’re doing it wrong. Chances are you will have unrealistic expectations of the destination.

Whether you’re moving to Europe or China, you’re going to encounter massive cultural differences so you need to understand your new country’s culture, the city you’re planning on settling in and the living conditions.

Use the internet as a vast source of information to get to know your destination a whole lot better and try to visit the country a couple of times before you make the move with Reads removals Peterborough. But don’t make these trips holidays – you need to be conducting thorough research so you can understand what to expect when you finally move there.

4. Failing to Make Financial Calculations

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating your financial needs when moving to a new country. It’s pretty easy to estimate how much the international move will cost based on the removal quote from Reads removals Peterborough. You will also need to think about all the initial costs in the new country like buying or renting a home, getting essentials like cooking equipment and furniture and also day-to-day living costs. While you’re planning the move, remember to research how much each element will cost. You won’t want to land up in a new country completely broke.

5. Avoid Moving for the Wrong Reasons

Moving internationally is unsettling on normal life and family life. Think very carefully about why you want to leave for another country before you go. Moving abroad can indeed be an incredible life experience, but it’s hard work settling down. And if you move for the wrong reasons, it’s going to be a lot harder to settle down. If you’re passionate about the destination’s culture, or you’ve been offered amazing professional opportunities or you are sure your living conditions will be improved dramatically, then you’re more unlikely to decide the move was a mistake later on.

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