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5 Places To Find Your Next Family Vacation

1st Oct 2016

How many of you parents out there have a favorite memory of being a kid and going on a big vacation with your family back in the day? And how many of you want to recreate that experience for your children? Good, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s try to think of good ways to find the destination for this memory-fest, without defaulting on Disneyland.


Five places to go, including digital and physical options, to get ideas for your next big family journey include scanning through the ever-changing Facebook feeds, going to a local tourist destination and picking up pamphlets, finding trending topics online, throwing a dart at a map, and perhaps even just repeating a previously successful journey, but with added knowledge about the details.

Scan Through Facebook Feeds

If you’re like several other billion people out there, you spend a lot of time on Facebook. Next time you’re on, look over some resort Facebook feeds and groups and see what tickles your fancy. Pretty much all of the major legitimate vacation sites are going to have a page of some type, so finding a good one is just a few search strings and keystrokes away.

If you feel like there’s a particular country you’d like to explore, use hashtags. You’re likely to find some good results. Search Kite Control Portugal if you want to try water sports, food tours Italy if you want to explore food, and architecture Greece if you want to see some historical monuments and structures. There are several things that are trending with tourism, so it will be rather easy to find vacation ideas on Facebook.

Go To a Local Tourist Destination

An interesting way to shortcut yourself into looking at different viable, if still close, family vacation options is to go to a local tourist destination and see what pamphlets they have out. You can find little truck stops along the highway that have a similar setup, sort of like small visitors’ centers, and you can look for advertisements there too. The benefit of this method is that you can find things you might not catch digitally because they’re smaller events or venues, and you also know they’ll be fairly local.

Find Trending Topics

Another place to look for hot family vacation spots is within the framework of trending topics. Sometimes you’ll find awesome opportunities to take the family to see major sporting events (like baseball championships, or Olympic sporting events), but until you see some details surrounding them, you might be a little leery of the possibilities. Reading trending topics will make you more familiar with the potential of the trip.

Through a Dart at a Map

If your brain is totally fried, and you want to find something really exciting and random for the family, throw a dart at the map. Spin a globe and put your finger on it. And no, you aren’t legally obliged to go the first place you land on. But consider the possibility of something unusual by using this method.

Repeat a Previously Successful Journey

If you’ve gone somewhere successfully in the past, why not go again? There’s something to be said for the comfort of familiarity, and with notes from your last journey there, this time could be even more fun!

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