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5 Safety Checks To Keep Your Home Safe

23rd Dec 2015

Safety at your home is always going to be a top priority. However, there are times when things have been good for long enough that it’s easy to get complacent about certain types of safety checks that you should do regularly.


So, if you find that you haven’t gone over any of the following five in the last reasonable amount of time, then now may be a good moment to go over them all, and possibly even go over them with the rest of your family in order to be clear about them as safety procedures as well.

The Electrical System

There are lots of dangers associated with the electrical system in your house. Primarily, there’s the threat of shock and electrocution, but there’s also the potential for fire if there’s anything that’s getting to hot because of a short somewhere in the system. Your whole family should know how to check the circuit breaker box, but beyond that, it’s smart to call an electrician to do any major repairs or safety checks, especially if you see something like loose wires, or perhaps outlets starting to creep out of the walls.

All electrical equipment should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working order. However, there may be times when the house goes dark unexpectedly. An experienced emergency electrician comes in handy during these times. They might just be able to solve all of your electrical problems in a flash!

Flooding Prevention

Depending on where you live and if you have a basement, there’s always a danger of flooding, and that can cost many thousands of dollars if unchecked. If you need to, buy a sump-pump backup system with generator in case power goes out the same time as severe weather, and also do any kind of waterproofing that might be smart with things that are stored where flooding could occur, such as important documents.

Fire Prevention Systems

Fire prevention systems are going to be items like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Depending on the size and shape of your house, you may have several that you need around, and that means that you should check each of those fire extinguishers every six months or so to make sure they’re charged and ready. Many of the new ones are very cost effective as well, so cost isn’t really a big deal.

Security Systems

Also depending on where you living, installing a security system may be a necessity, and that also means maintaining it and checking that it works every once in awhile. This means you know that all the alarms are working properly when tripped.

Weapon Locks and Lockers

If you have weapons in your home, for whatever reason, be it hunting or personal safety, then particularly if you have children, you need to make sure they’re locked away securely. Also, you should check on the integrity of the weapons themselves, so that no part of them is broken in the event that you do have to use them.

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