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6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Family Dog

26th Nov 2014


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Thinking about getting a pooch for your family? Before becoming a dog owner, you should consider the following things.

  • It is a commitment

Everyone knows the saying: “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” and it couldn’t be truer. All domestic animals form deep bonds with their owners but dogs especially become attached to their human family. Dogs require a lot of attention, care and love and so as an owner, you must be prepared to provide all these things for their whole life. It is important to be realistic. If you are buying a pet for your child, you must bear in mind that they may not be able to provide consistent care. Also, eventually they will fly the nest and the responsibility for looking after the dog will most likely be yours.

  • It’s not all fun and games

Dogs make such loving and fun pets. However, there are serious and sticky elements involved in their care. You must be prepared to clean up your dogs business on a daily basis. Because they are outside a lot of the time and are coming into contact with bacteria, they require regular medication. You must be prepared to deal with any worm or flea problems they inevitably will get. Luckily, you can buy medication for health issues like this from online stores like Items bought online are affordable and delivered to your door.

Dogs can be quite mischievous and destructive at times. As a dog owner, you will have to learn to be patient with your dog if they chew your shoe or sofa. You will also have to learn how to train your dog. This takes a considerable amount of time and commitment.

  • Some breeds suit families better

You should do your homework on the behaviour and nature of different breeds before becoming a dog owner. If you have very young children then, it is best to get a dog that is gentle natured. After doing some research, you may decide that a dog is not the best pet for your family. In that case, don’t be disheartened as there are lots of other pets that your children will adore, and they may be a safer option.

  • It is expensive

You will have a number of one-off costs when you first get your dog, for example, food bowls, beds, toys, collar and lead. However, you must remember that you will have a number of ongoing expenses, namely, dog food and basic medical care. It is also crucial to know that if your dog turns out to have a long-term illness like diabetes or is involved in an accident that the vet bills can be very pricey.

Before your dog moves into your home, you will need to remove anything that is likely to injure them or make them ill. Dogs tend to eat and chew everything in site so remove from sight anything that is toxic and other hazardous items like plastic bags and cleaning products.

  • Walkies!

Finally, all dogs, even if they are tiny, must be walked at least once every day. They need this time to do their business and get rid of all that energy they have.

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