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21st Nov 2017

If you are looking forward to a better future it’s high time you explored alternative investment opportunities. They are so many but some of the best ways are here, take a look.


There is always need to exchange currencies to accomplish foreign trade and business purposes. This fact makes this market the biggest and most liquid financial market anywhere in the world. The unique thing about forex is that it does not have a centralized marketplace for foreign exchanges. Currency trading is coordinated online over-the-counter in companies like CMC Markets. The market is also always open day and night, five and a half days during the week. Currencies are traded across the world in all the major financial centres making an extremely active venture owing to the fact that the price quotes are also ever changing. You can trade forex in three ways including futures market, forwards market, and the spot market. The spot market is the best option for individual speculators and investors. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This is a relatively new phenomenon but is a great investment alternative. Lots of online services do offer personal and business loans to qualifying borrowers. This creates an investment opportunity for various people who would want to lend their money to those in need. A pool of investors’ money act as a source of a loan to individuals asking for funds. When the loan is paid back, you earn an interest on the loan amount you offered so you can be sure to get the best interest rates with this kind of investment. You will receive fixed payments every month together with your interest. Though it’s a risk, you can always consider a borrower’s credit rating before lending.

Investing in Your Own Business 

Another alternative to invest involves investing your money in your own business. If you are creative, you can come up with a lucrative business idea which if works well can earn you the highest returns out of all other investment choices. A good business will produce steady income which can even grow as time goes by. You can open a shop or do online business but you will need to do it wisely, put some money into the business and invest the rest elsewhere. This will mostly work well with a part-time business since you still keep your job and earn extra income.

Equity Crowdfunding

If owning an individual business is not your choice, then you can alternatively own part of someone else’s business. You can do this by buying shares offered by start-up companies that need money. Such companies offer their shares on equity crowdfunding websites. The company shares you buy mean that you own part of the business and if the business succeeds, you get rewarded though you risk losing if the business fails.

Real Estate 

You can buy and own property in real estate. The property you buy can earn you very high returns. The good thing is that you do not always have to pay for a property in full; in the meantime, you earn from appreciation in addition to rental income from the property you buy. The good thing is that you can either do it alone or form a partnership with other interested parties. A partnership can help you spread part of the risk and you also get to meet professionals to help grow your business in real estate. 

Commodities and Collectibles

If you want to invest in something that`s a little more concrete, you have an alternative other than real estate. You can invest in things like gold and other commodities such as fine art, wine, antiques, and comic books.

Gold is a long-term store of value and also a tangible inflation hedge commodity which is highly competitive to stocks. It has low correlation compared with other asset classes such as stocks hence making it a considerable rescue asset. As an individual investor, it would be advisable to directly invest in gold through ETFs and holding physical gold in form of gold bars and coins.

Fine art, on the other hand, is also lucrative since price fluctuations in its markets do not undergo the ups and downs experienced in the traditional bonds and stocks. Even though, it has its unique shifts that can make it a risky investment.

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