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Smart Kids Furniture Planning for Happy Mums and Dads

8th Dec 2017

There are more things to consider than you’d think when it comes to buying the right, new furniture for your children’s bedroom. Furniture is quite a large and expensive purchase, so getting it wrong could be a costly mistake. At the same time, there is something quite exciting at the prospect of brand new furniture. Or, just brand new things in general.

To make sure you’re making the right purchasing decisions, there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself first. Of course, getting your children’s bedroom furniture right is just a clever combination of matching your budget with your needs, and also in a style or design that would suit both you and your children. You must first work out what those needs are.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Large and ornate bedroom furniture pieces sure are beautiful, that’s for sure, but if you only have a small space to work with, there’s a good chance those large, ornate pieces won’t even fit into the room.

Although bigger isn’t always better, it can be when you’re buying a piece of furniture that offers more than just the one use. A room that offers minimal floor space, for example, could greatly benefit from the addition of a study bed, built high and offering plenty of space in terms of working area, storage, and clothes-hanging. With the right lighting and accessories, such as cushions and soft blankets draped decoratively over a chair, that under-bed space could be quite the cosy little nook, and might just be enough to encourage your kids to finally do their homework.

Safety First!

If you are furnishing a sanctuary for a younger child, these higher, study or captains/cabin bed designs might not be the best option, especially if they aren’t quite old enough to safely get themselves up or down a ladder. In these cases, lower-built storage beds are often considered a better option, allowing you to make the most of floor space in a clever way.

Drawers allow for pull-out storage, perfect for clothes and toys, or school items. Cupboard areas also help to tidy things away, giving you the perfect spot for shoes, toiletries, or anything else that seems to accumulate all over your child’s floor. Cupboards are generally easier to squeeze in and out of than drawers, but the more storage you offer up, the tidier you can make the room. There will be less of a need for all that shouting of, “Tidy your room up or you’re not going out to play with your friends!”

Final Thoughts

When you’re filling a child’s bedroom with furniture, the thing you need to remember is that you should work with the space you have, rather than trying to cram a whole bunch of furniture that doesn’t fit, in. Lighting can be cleverly used to brighten up dark and small, enclosed areas, and with the right combination of children’s furniture, such as multi-functional childrens beds and using storage that sits on the walls (away from the easy banging of heads), no child needs to be unhappy with the way their bedroom looks.

And, mum and dad will be happy too!

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