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Best Educational Computer Games for Kids

8th Mar 2013

The link between education and computer games is still a tricky one for some to get to grips with. In moderation, computer games can be a useful tool for a child’s entertainment and learning and as a parent it is your responsibility to monitor and control their usage. Many life and curriculum skills can be learned with the aid of technology – read on to find out how.


Problem-solving situations arise every day in life and even more so in the classroom and problem-solving games centred around detective stories are a great way to encourage development in this area. These have puzzles which need to be cracked to advance further in the story – Nancy Drew and The Hidden Theft are two great examples which children can enjoy from the safety of your laptop.

Learning to care

Games that teach your child to care for other living things are a useful tool in their social learning. Probably the best type of game for this is one that your child will have to look after an animal; be it as a zookeeper or a farmer. World of Zoo, Harvest Moon or Littlest Pet Shop are three of the best games to teach them this vital life skill.


A child’s imagination is much stronger than an adult’s and it is something that should be encouraged, not curbed… It is not only a pen and paper on which your children can draw: Scribblenauts, Itza Bitsa and Crayonphysics all have mini games that require plenty of creativity and imagination.


Perfect for the younger children, learning games can help support academic learning in the classroom. At this stage, school is incredibly important to your child and you can help them in their learning with computer games that are fun and educational.

There have been plenty of comments on technology education at primary school level and learning games are the ideal way to get your kids clued up on the latest gadgets whilst supporting their other studies. Magic School Bus is perfect for science and the Professor Layton series links all subjects superbly.

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