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How to Start Toning up Today

8th Mar 2013

Motherhood, while it certainly is a blessing, it can take quite a toll on a woman’s body. Losing that baby weight isn’t the easiest task, especially when much of your attention is elsewhere. However, with some patience and dedication, you can get your pre-pregnancy body back.

Be wary of drastic weight-loss measures

The biggest trend in weight-loss seems to be juicing and going on extreme diets. But, when not done properly, they cause even more harm to your health and may not help you lose any weight at all. The same goes for cosmetic surgery and other medical procedures. While liposuction, tummy tucks and breast augmentations can get you your desired appearance, they can be costly and put you at risk for health complications and death. Furthermore, you’re not always guaranteed to have perfect results. Some women end up with botched procedures and have to fight for medical negligence compensation.

Shed pounds the right way

A well-balanced diet coupled with an exercise regimen is said to be the best weight loss plan by experts. Load up on super foods like sardines, Greek yogurt, broccoli and others that are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Remember to drink plenty of water and try to get as much sleep as possible.

Working Out

Find a time of day that works best for you and stick to it. This could be when the baby is napping or early in the morning before everyone wakes up. That way, you won’t be interrupted and you will be able to stay focused. Start off slow with basic stretching and light walking or jogging then progress to more rigorous workouts.

Make time for cardio

Cardio is a great way to burn calories. Initially, just doing housework and keeping up with the kids may be enough to get you going. However, you should progress to walking and then light jogging. If you’re not interested in running, then try kick boxing.


To really sculpt your body you need to work do exercises that target problem areas. Squats, lunges, and jumps can help tone-up your legs. Planks, sit-ups and push-ups help the core. Use free weights to help build muscle definition and strength.

Change it up

Nobody wants to do the same thing over and over again. Keep things challenging and interesting by changing up your routine. Even a change in location can help motivate you. If you have been spending a lot of time running on the treadmill, take a break and jog around the neighborhood or go hiking. Changing your routine forces your body to adapt, which yields great results.

Do what you love

No matter how hard you try to stick to a regimen, you won’t make any progress unless you actually enjoy what you are doing. If traditional free weights and jogging isn’t for you, than find something that is. Pilates, boxing, swimming, ballet and other dance classes are a great way to get in shape and tone-up.

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