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Eating out on a Budget in London

3rd Oct 2012

Restaurants in London are amazing, and there is a huge amount of variety ensuring that regardless of your budget, you can eat out for an affordable price. I love cooking, and food, therefore, the girls and I eat in at home most nights. However, once in a while it is nice to treat the children to a meal out, which isn’t a fast food restaurant.

When I began my mission to save 10K this year, I was determined to still enjoy life with the girls, and eating out had always been a treat we enjoyed. However, I was conscious that eating out in London can be expensive; therefore, I would have to be smart and search for the best deals. There are some bargains and promotions to discover, but as with all offers you need to be organised.

Top quality food that is affordable

A cheap meal does not need to mean bad quality, and there are several other options rather than fast food and takeaways. Many restaurants throughout London are beginning to realise that they need to offer discounts, and offers to encourage people to dine. Thankfully my children are not fussy eaters; therefore, I can have a wide variety of choice when it comes to dinner.

There are several fantastic websites available, which allow you to search for offers and promotions for meals. I was amazed how many restaurants are on these websites, and excited that I could now afford to eat in so many different places. I trawled the Internet, and soon discovered that eating out was no longer an extravagance, but a family activity, which could be done on a budget.

What do you want to eat?

Regardless of the style of food that you are searching for, there will be a restaurant in London, which can cater for your tastes. Whether you want to locate a lebanese restaurant or options for Vegetarian options, they can all be found in London. This has always fascinated me, how many different styles of the restaurant are available, and making money.

Eating as a family is essential as highlighted at, and I believe that eating out with the girls teaches them so much about dining habits. Many people have questioned how I can afford to dine out, when I am saving this year, but if you are organised it is possible to do both. You have to remain focused, and ensure that you find offers, and discounts.

Getting the most for your money

Many restaurants in London offer children eat free promotion, which is an ideal way to save money and enjoy a family meal out for a treat. All you can buffets is another favourite of the girls, and I am always amazed how much they manage to eat, when they are told they can eat as much as they want.

These special meals are cheap, but always quality, ensuring that we return time and time again. Regardless of the food that you enjoy, or your overall budget, you will be able to eat for an affordable price in London. If you take the time to research the different places to eat, and what offers you can sue for your meal, you will be amazed how much you can save.

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