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Finding the Cheapest Way to entertain the Children in London

15th Sep 2012

We all love living in London as there is such a huge array of different things to do and see, however, this year I am trying to save money, which means I need to be imaginative.  London can be expensive if you do not take the time and effort to research all of the alternatives you have for the children. Once you begin to search for cheap or free things to do and see in the city, you will be amazed how many there are on offer.

If you are at a loss, where to start searching, you can begin by reading the different suggestions on Once you have an idea of the different attractions and landmarks on offer, you can plan an exciting day out in the city. The girls love exploring London, which makes taking them out for the day far more interesting.

Finding the free or cheap attractions

I was surprised how many attractions are free in the city, and often if I have to pay the children will go free. This is a fantastic way for the whole family to enjoy a day out, at a far lower cost, and help me to achieve my goal of saving 10K in a year. This challenge had been my main focus for some time, and I was determined to achieve my goal.

There are several free museums to choose, and many are suited to children, which is ideal if you have no idea where to begin your day out in the city. The Natural History museum is fascinating, and always entertains the girls for hours. The life size dinosaur and incredible gigantic crocodile are always favourites with the girls.

Older children may enjoy the Tate Gallery

Some children may find the Tate Gallery far too intense; however, the girls and I can wander through this amazing building for hours. There are always interesting exhibits to explore, and although you have to pay for some, it is worth spending the small fee to see what is on offer. Every aspect of the Tate Gallery is amazing, including the surroundings and building.

Camden Market was one of the first places that I visited when I moved to London, and even today I enjoy visiting to watch the market people in action. You can spend as little or as much time and money as you want in the market, and we love to wander for hours. Occasionally we will pick up a bargain or two to take home and enjoy.

Walking is free and fun

Walking is something that can be done easily throughout the city, and there are many fascinating landmarks to enjoy along your route. If the weather is nice, you will find that you can wander for hours, exploring the different architectural beauties throughout London. If your children are younger and will find it difficult to walk for long distances, the tour buses are brilliant. They allow you to explore with ease.

Regardless of how old your children are, you will always be able to find exciting and enjoyable activities to do in London. Whether you have a picnic in the park, or enjoy a day visiting the different museums on offer, you will never tire of the excellent value for money that London offers.


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