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Electrical Safety First

16th Oct 2015

Whilst it’s sometimes a lot easier to bring in a professional like Fixmatic Electric to do the job, some homeowners prefer DIY to get their home improvements done. However, this often means they are taking massive risks that most people aren’t even aware they’re taking.

In the forefront of our minds is to keep our children safe at all times, by predicting, avoiding and eliminating any possible safety hazards in the home – so it’s scary to think that undertaking some DIY can pose such a threat. That’s why it’s important to understand when home improvement is ok and when it’s best to draft in the professionals, like the team at in Wisconsin.


Research undertaken by the UK charity Electrical Safety First, found that 80% of people didn’t know that certain electrical jobs should only be carried out by a registered Electrician. It has been 10 years since the Part P obligations of the Building Regulations for England and Wales came into play, but still many people are unaware of their existence, what they mean and how it affects them.

Electrical Safety First, is a charity dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents. Their new online video aims to raise awareness in order to help consumers understand their obligations under Part P of the Building Regulations, together with the importance of using a registered professional Electrician. Users can flick between both good and bad scenarios by pressing “P” on the keyboard. Viewers can observe both potential impacts of the dad’s decision, which is to either replace the fuse box himself or to call a registered Electrician to complete the work – both have very different outcomes.

The campaign highlights that carrying out electrical DIY could mean that you are breaking the law, or worse, it could result in a fatal disaster – with devastating effects on your family.

You can find the video on the presspforparty website – it is supported by the hashtag #dontdiefordiy.

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