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Ely Series Maple: Mummies Know Best!

11th Mar 2015

Being a mom with two toddlers running around all over the place is hard. To ‘survive’ I always remember to keep things simple. In fact, it’s my favorite mantra! Typically, mothers have a long list to do each day; laundry, food preparation, housecleaning and paying the bills are just some of it. Very stressful! Hunting for the latest fashion accessory isn’t my top priority now and that is why I love Ely!


Ely, my wood watch, is ageless. Actually, it is a combination of new and ‘old’ alike. The watch has a tinier band and dial that looks very contemporary yet fashionable. It is nicely mounted on a maple wood to give that classic and elegant feel. And, because no maple tree is the same, my Ely has a unique grain pattern and color.

my watch

Nope! It isn’t heavy. The watch width case is 37 mm while the thickness is only 11 mm. The length of the band is just 200 mm with a thickness of 21 mm. Meanwhile, 45 mm is the measurement of the lug ends. Not too heavy and not too light, just right for a busy mom like me.

watch  closeup

But, that is just half of it. I can easily put on or take off my Ely because of its buckle with push button feature. With two kids to run after, every second counts! This special watch does not only remind me of the time, but important dates as well. Ballet practice, PTA meetings, vaccine shots, dental or medical appointments and even hair salon dates.  Mothers ‘Me time’, right!?

My kids like to borrow my things. It makes them feel all grown-up! Good thing the Ely wood watch uses scratch-free material, making the watch scratch-proof for life. Water splash isn’t a problem because the watch is also splash proof. Hopefully, they won’t go swimming any time soon!




Because of its simplicity and unique features, I wear it anytime and anywhere. Football games, checking out the British Museum with the kids, dinner with my husband or just having tea with friends, my Ely is right there with me. The watch is extra special because it’s a gift from my husband on our 5th wedding anniversary too. It is a great gift to give to family and friends! Got a special someone? I highly recommend an Ely Series Maple.

Another thing I love about the watch is it’s versatility – because of it’s neutral colour, it looks great with everything I wear, be that casual (most of the time). or slightly dressier.

Is my Ely expensive? Well, if you are looking for a watch that looks good AND durable at the same time, 129 dollars is worth it! You will never go wrong with wood watches.

Driver, babysitter, coach, cheerleader, teacher, and cook are other terms to describe a mother. We have to do a lot of things and be at two different places at the same time! Well, we wish! Having a reliable watch is imperative and there is only one watch that you can entirely rely on, Ely Series Maple. Get one today!

Next on the list … get kids off the roof!

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