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Relocate To A Life In Richmond

29th Mar 2015

Moving to a brand new city may sound exciting and daunting all at the same time, especially somewhere like the city of London and all the areas that surround it. Finding solid ground to lay down your roots is always tricky at first if you are not the only one moving. However, luckily you do not have to suffer the constant hustle and bustle of the city whilst bringing up a family, as surrounding places such as Richmond particularly have a strong sense of suburban normality that is needed. Here are just a few reasons why Richmond is the perfect place to lay down roots for a young family.


Probably the most important concern for a young family when relocating, Richmond is known for having some of the best schools in the UK. There are a number to choose from as well, with 15 church schools, 8 secondary ranging from mixed to an all-girls school, you will be spoilt for choose when picking the best education for your pride and joy!


Although Richmond is renowned for being a rather exclusive place to live, the cost of renting a property is cheaper than you would think. In actuality, it is 20% cheaper to live in Richmond than the typical London prices due to its distance from the city centre; whilst still being easily commutable through public transport. From cottages, period houses or even swanky modern apartments, Richmond caters to every type of housing preference.



In terms of shopping, Richmond has lots to offer. From the top brands such as French Connection and Ted Baker for the fashion-conscious, to the specialist stores and not the mention the whole foods market; there is a reason why Richmond is one South West London’s top retail destinations.


With young children, it is no doubt that they will want to explore the great outdoors and fresh air. Conveniently, Richmond offers some of the best outdoor spaces in London. As it is based on the River Themes, there are also two Royal Parks, St Paul’s Cathedral and Richmond Park itself; your little tyke’s will have more than enough greenery to explore.


In conclusion, it goes to show that living in the London area does not have to be chaotic when raising a family. Naturally, during these years it is important to find a place that gives a sense of normality and calmness. Richmond is known to be one the best places to live in the UK, and with the solidarity that it has as an area, is perfect for settling down.

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