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Five Shoe Must-Have for Spring

31st Jan 2013

If you don’t know what elegant shoes or sandals to wear this spring and summer, women’s shoes designers offered a lot of new trendy models for the season. They practically set the trend for this year and it is better to listen to them if we want to be in fashion, looking both elegant and spectacular. Aside the casual shoes and sandals offered this year by the large fashion houses, including platforms and silver leather summer boots, this year’s collection include a wide range of elegant, stylish, fine shoes, with sharp tips that stand the test of time this year, being suitable for any occasion in the hot season.  Nobody gave up the strong colors, in powerful nuances that will definitely make a statement and will match the blossom of colors spring will come along with. The catwalks were filled with beautiful products, art-like hand-made shoes in all mixes and imprints. The think, square heel won by a long shot, while the thin tall heel will still make the best choice for spring evening parties.

But as elegance goes, five different models drew everybody’s attention.

A very exquisite pair of shoes, delicate and elegant, with sharp tips, thin tall heels and an original buckle offered by DAKS almost symbolizes spring’s essence in itself, through the sweet, refined and stylish subtle lines along with the pale colors.


The most courageous ladies, the ones that take pride in being different and willing to become future trendsetters will definitely get in love with the new models from DSquared. The combination of metallic blue and shiny gold, the pink thin high heel and the general “wild” look this pair of shoes can give to any woman will please all those who are not afraid to be original. There is the risk of looking ridiculous in those shoes, but with the right outfit, a glamorous one, these shoes speak for themselves and for the one who wears them. Accessories are not necessary since the shoes become a stand-alone for the whole picture. All in all, women’s shoes for women with attitude and self confidence.
LLS2Kurt Geiger stepped in front of everybody who feels young at heart, nonconformist and also like to party and presented a pair of clubbing shoes which will make the savory of the warm season. Metal on pink, high heels and an attitude and this is almost everything necessary to impress, fascinate and be followed for this season.
LLS3Another elegant pair of shoes comes from Alexander McQueen, who also used metal in order to give his creations a more special, new and intriguing look. The row of sharp spikes aligned along the heel make this shoe and its owner look unpredictable, naughty and downright out of the box! The classic black ball room shoes? Forget about them, because these rock stars will get everybody’s attention!
LLS4The designers who revived the retro style bringing it into today’s fashion, as Carven, offer us a very thick heel for electrical colored shoes adding a mini platform and a spectacular look for the women who want to give this spring the credit it deserves.


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