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Four Smart Home Gadgets That Will Save You Money

15th Mar 2018

Whether you’re looking to save money or save the environment, cutting-edge technologies are making it easier for homeowners to do both. From mobile apps that let you turn off the TV in your home no matter where you are in the world to energy-efficient alternatives to traditional heating and cooling systems, there are all sorts of devices designed to help you get the best bang for your hard-earned buck. Check out these four smart home gadgets that will save you money.

  1. Automated LED Light Bulbs

Image via Flickr by hnnbz

It’s no secret that switching to LED lights can save you money. In fact, a 9-watt LED bulb puts out as much light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. You can get 50,000 hours of continuous use from an LED bulb compared to only 1,200 hours from a traditional bulb. Now, you can take your savings a step further by investing in smart LED bulbs that connect with a variety of technologies, such as timers, apps, and remote controls. There’s no longer a need to leave the light on when you go out. Simply sync your smart bulbs to your smartphone and turn the lights on before you arrive home.

  1. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs let you control any device that plugs into a standard wall socket with the tap of a finger on a tablet or smartphone. They connect to your homes’ wireless network, giving you the power to switch devices, such as lamps, slow cookers, and TVs, on and off at will using nothing more than a simple mobile app. By automating your daily activities, you can save a bundle on your energy bills. You can even schedule when you want appliances to come on so that you always wake up to a fresh pot of coffee, for example.

  1. Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

It’s expensive to heat or cool an entire home, especially when you likely spend most of your time in only a few rooms. Save money on your energy bills by installing ductless mini-splits that allow you to heat and cool individual rooms. They’re especially ideal for add-on spaces, such as sunrooms, where installing a new heating or cooling system isn’t always feasible. Since the easy-to-install systems don’t have ducts, you can save more than 30 percent of energy consumption by preventing duct losses.

To further reduce heating and cooling costs, connect each mini-split unit to its own smart thermostat. Equipped with special sensors, smart thermostats get to know your habits so they can tailor your home’s temperature to your unique needs. You might need to take the help of a professional service provider in this case, as installing new systems on your own can prove difficult, and it might be better to leave the technicalities to the experts. You could contact a provider similar to this AC Company in Ormond Beach, FL in your vicinity so that these professionals can better understand your system and also help you upgrade the same.

  1. Eco-Friendly Appliances

From refrigerators that monitor your eating habits to dishwaters that control water usage to use less per load than hand washing, eco-friendly smart appliances are quickly becoming key features in many modern homes. For example, WiFi-enabled smart-grid washing machines wait until off-peak hours to tackle high-energy wash cycles, saving you big bucks.

Nowadays, there are loads of innovative services and equipment that can help make your home more energy efficient and lower your bills. These are just a few of the smart home gadgets that will save you money.

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