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Gift Ideas for the Handyman in Your Life

1st Jul 2013

Everyday, women are becoming more present in the DIY space, but who are we kidding? There are still chores we still hate doing. Thankfully, the handyman in our lives is ideally always willing to pick up the slack, blowing leaves and pushing lawn mowers, languishing under loving duress while we look on nervously, afraid the “Ocean Breeze”, tiles don’t quite match the interior direction. His birthday is rolling around; maybe you’re Christmas shopping or you’d like to splurge on an early (or late) anniversary present. Or there is no event, you’re just grateful your handyman is there to bail you out of your own DIY nightmare.

Lawn Mowers

If there was a chore to heavily debate or avoid in any family, with or without kids, the weekly mowing takes the cake. Reward his devotion to you with a cordless lawn mower; go for a high performance, lithium battery powered beast and he’ll never complain again (this isn’t guaranteed). If you’re looking for ideas and price ranges, premium is always best. Spending a little extra on high end manufacturers, like STIHL power tools, will save you both in the long run and ensure your lawn is perfectly manicured.


DIY Planner

Handymen often get side-tracked by bigger and better projects, leaving something unfinished, sitting in the yard. To promote organisation, a DIY Planner could be just the ticket your handyman needs to keep track of his goals and priorities. It will also allow him to record observations, experiments and measurements in one place – a planner is a 2IC he doesn’t bring home for a surprise BBQ.


Ladders can be used by many kinds of professionals for jobs around the house, be it by Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Roseville or any other home cleaning service company. The same can be said for the handyman in your life. Do you want him to clean the gutters, change light bulbs or get something off the roof? Give him a ladder to do it. A multi-purpose ladder converts easily from step ladder to a single ladder, normally latching into position automatically. Look for sturdy treads and tapered back legs for improved stability.

Tool Boxes, Bags or Belts

Gone are the plastic hollow shells (they’re still around, just not in a garage we’ve seen for a while), tool boxes and bags now come with compartments and sleeves for specific tool storage. Your handyman would love a tough PVC poly bag or an electrician tool belt; different items come with varying features – get online or in-store to compare and price match.

Folding Saw Horses

Save yourself the energy of nightly massages and reduce back strain, your handyman will thank you for a pair of folding saw horses. Light-weight and useful across a variety of projects, saw horses provide a sturdy surface for strenuous jobs.

150+ Toolkit

Does you handyman have a habit of losing, breaking or lending his tools out, never to be seen again? A 150+ piece toolkit will see he has everything he needs, broken down into separate slots so he knows when something is missing. Ideal for work at home, on site or on the go, most toolkit sets come with hammers, socket sets, screwdrivers, bit drivers, bits, key sets, pliers, spark plugs, scissors and more.

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