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Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

1st Jul 2013

As the title says, this article is about giving your kids some of your quality time. This sounds pretty obvious but in practice can be very difficult. Tough work schedules, tired parents and masses of housework are just some of the barriers to enjoying time with our kids.

The first thing to do is prioritize. What needs doing now? If putting the washing away can wait then let it wait, your children can come first. I know this can be tough, knowing that you are going to have more chores to do once the kids are in bed but those few moments with your children are precious and priceless – it is worth the effort!

Another thing which can be helpful is planning your time well. Use a diary or organizer to plan what needs to be done in the following week, you can even schedule a “play time” to ensure that you have quality time with your children. You will be amazed at how much this can have a positive impact on your lives.

Something else that can help is by doing something you enjoy with your children. I understand how hard it can be to motivate yourself for a game that is going to take a long time and you probably won’t complete it (Monopoly!) so make sure it is something you like doing. There are a huge range of brilliant children’s toys that are fun and engaging for you and your children. The amount of fun that can be had with a simple bouncy ball or puzzle game is surprising!

One of the most important things is to try not to be too exhausted the minute you walk in the door from work. Hopefully you can see that just as family reunions are important, bonding with your children is essential too. This is especially tough if they feel that you haven’t got time for them because you are too tired. Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep (if possible) and you aren’t overworking yourself. Don’t forget, your children won’t be children forever but your work is likely to still survive if you are not flat out every minute of every day.

Hopefully some of the key things discussed here will allow you to have some more quality time with your children, molding them to become good people and developing important bonds that will last forever.

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