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Home Safety Perception vs. Reality

11th Oct 2016

A rather insightful study done by a leading supplier of hardware, equipment and a range of ironmongery to the home security industry (amongst others) brings to light some rather eye-opening revelations, the most significant being that of a clear gap between home safety perception and the actual reality of home safety.

If we just have a look at what is perhaps the most striking statistic published in the study, that being that the number of home burglaries in the UK has dropped by a whopping 71% in the last 21 years, we might start to feel like we’re much, much safer in our homes. Perhaps we are much safer, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely safe. If we break this down and compare the number of burglaries which were occurring then and those which are occurring now, one is only left to question just how you weren’t burgled yourself when there were 71% more burglaries occurring than the 400,361 burglaries happening in modern times — that’s if your home hasn’t indeed been burgled, of course. For this reason, many homeowners tend to look at owning firearms such as guns (if you are someone who is keen on buying one for yourself, you could look at sites like for holster options as well), which they can use to keep themselves and their valuables safe from a potential burglary situation.

Even if you compare the home burglary situation as it is right now to what it was just ten years ago, when 31% more burglaries occurred, it still makes for some scary reading to consider that the reality is still quite a concerning one today. So the perception is that we’re much safer in our homes, but just how much safer are we really? The number of burglaries in the UK is indeed falling, but are they falling fast and far enough for you to feel safer? Also, how you feel about your home safety and how safe you really are in your home could be two totally different realities, so home security does indeed need to have some closer attention paid to it. This may mean petitioning to have residential security patrolling the streets with services like Community Action Security being used to make this a reality.

How safe are your belongings as well? If we break the numbers down further, what comes to light is that 80 burglaries take place per hour in the UK, which means 1.33 houses are being burgled per minute!

So anyway, as much as you may now be aware of the difference in the perception of the safety of your home and its actual reality, what can you do to bridge the gap? One way of doing it is by having a look at how household goods insurance companies value your goods and the premiums they calculate for you to pay for their insurance. This could even be done through just the process of getting a quote or assessment from insurers before you start paying premiums in relation to the home security you’re still planning to upgrade.

Another way of consolidating on the reality of your home security is making use of higher quality materials for components such as door and window hinges and other ironmongery, as well as picking out security system equipment that is made of high quality components. The most effective physical home security barriers are those which are concealed from plain view, such as a particularly tough door lock, installed by a professional flat rate locksmith alpharetta ga and other locations, inside a door that would otherwise have taken a little less effort to break through.


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