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How to buy jewelry like an expert

29th Sep 2015

Okay we can’t promise that we can make you an expert in jewelry but if you’re in Houston and you’re thinking of buying some Houston jewelry, the good news is you’re in one of the best places to buy it. In this post we will look at some tips that will make you feel like you’re a little more informed when it comes to buying the fancy stuff. Houston is a great place to purchase some excellent examples of jewelry, and this post should at least ensure you have a strong chance of buying good stuff.

One of the easiest ways to be sold jewelry that is less than high-quality centers around buying platinum pieces. Everyone says platinum is worth buying these days, and it’s true that a nice ring with platinum in it, for example, is a lovely piece of jewelry. Moreover, diamond bands in platinum are a trend these days that could be every couple’s go-to when thinking about engagement and wedding. You can even get custom engagement rings in Denver and in a lot of other locations by exploring popular jewelers.

However, don’t get fooled when you are buying platinum, sometimes you can buy stuff that is less than perfect, especially if not bought through a trustworthy seller. Some people buy ‘platinum’ when, in reality, it is white gold, for example. Both metals are obviously of strong value, but if you want platinum and you’re not sure if what you’re buying is legitimate platinum, ask for a similar piece in white gold. You will find straightaway that the platinum piece (if it is platinum) is noticeably heavier.


If you are buying true quality jewelry never buy on the first visit to a store. There are some excellent stores in Houston that sell truly bespoke, high quality items, but it is always wise to visit this place a couple of times at least, just so you know that you’re not buying on impulse. You may also, in some places, be in a position where you can bargain a little on the final price. Of course, with truly expensive jewelry, bargaining is not always an option, but be ready to at least make a suggestion and you may find that you get a better deal. Once you have left a store after that first visit, for example, you can always do some research on prices and then come back more confident, with a better idea of a price you can bargain for. To repeat, it is not always a good idea to try and bargain, but if you do, you will find that you have a strong position, especially in pieces that are singular and the salesperson is eager to sell.

Our final piece of advice concerns diamonds. If a jeweler asks that you look at it under sunlight to get a better shine, don’t bother, Every single diamond in the world will sparkle in the sunlight, that’s how they are found. This is not a mark of quality and is simply a way to make you want to buy it. Trust your instincts, and look for pieces that really impress you under the lights of the store. There are even beautiful diamond alternatives that can actually sparkle more. For instance, some of the best moissanite jewelry is known to have more brilliance than natural diamond.

So there are some quick tips on at least feeling more confident when buying jewelry. They are worthwhile investments for the future, just take your time when buying and try and be as informed as possible.

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