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5 Great Fancy Dress Costumes for Kids

29th Sep 2015

Fancy dress costume parties are great fun for kids, the only problem is choosing which superhero, princess or minion to be. Here are 5 fantastic costumes for kids that could help you and your kids decide fast.

Harry Potter

The boy wizard is known to almost every child in the world, so what better costume for a party – especially around Halloween time. A Harry Potter costume with signature round glasses, cloak, tie and of course wand is a great choice for boys and girls alike. This costume is sure to add a touch of magic to a party for your children.

2) Cinderella

With the baby blue floaty dress and long blond wig your child will go to the ball, or to eat cake and drink Coke at their buddy’s house. The Disney princess theme is still big and Cinderella is the classic choice for your own little members of royalty. All you’re missing is the birds and woodland animals to help your child put it on. That’s still down to you we’re afraid!


3) Captain America

Marvel superheroes are all over television, film and comic books now so what little boy wouldn’t be happy with an awesome Captain America costume? In the famous red, white and blue, your little Captain can save the day at their party, and look cool while they’re doing it.

4) Olaf the snowman

We said that Disney is still big and this was illustrated very clearly by the mega hit that was Frozen. You probably know all the songs off by heart if you have small children. Elsa is the obvious choice for Frozen fans, but why not change things up and suggest your kids go as the carrot-nosed snowman Olaf instead?

5) Darth Vader

This costume is a little alarming for a child but isn’t it great that a kid in a Darth Vader fancy dress costume can scare even the parents hosting the gathering they go to! With its black cape, red light sabre and unmistakable mask, this is the ideal choice for a (temporary) trip to the dark side.

So there you have it, 5 fab fancy dress costumes to kit your kids out for their next party. With one of these choices they are sure to feel even more excited about the coming celebrations.

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