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I wish I was a celebrity mum

3rd Mar 2016

I do sometimes believe that celebrity mums have it easy, they always look immaculately turned out when out and about with their kids, they share amazing ‘look how awesome I am’ social media posts with their kids (behaving) and they still manage to have fabulous careers. I know a lot of it is probably because they have a team of nannies, stylists, hair and make-up people as well as a personal trainer and chef, but still I wish I could just manage to even be like them, just for one day!

Well I can’t so the closest thing I can do is take this celebrity mom quiz by My Voucher Codes to find out which celebrity mother I am most like!

I’m most like Jessica Alba (yey!) apparently I am very protective and an earth mother (close enough) and I only want the best things for my children (obviously). Which is all natural and all organic whether that’s what they eat or wear (not quite). My ideal Mother’s Day gift would also be an arts and crafts day, which would be rather exciting not just for me but also the kids.

Jessica Alba Screen shot

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