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Interior Decor Secrets of the Real Estate Industry

28th Oct 2016

For all its flaws and its openness to some serious abuse, one of the joys of the economic system the world is currently operating on is going house-hunting for a place to potentially call home, especially if you’re not really under any pressure to settle on a decision too quickly. Okay, it helps to have a good budget as well, but I can honestly say it is a rather enjoyable process, even though it is indeed quite tiring. It’s enjoyable even if you’re perhaps looking for a secondary property which you might plan on renting out for some passive income or if you just want it for a holiday home.


If you deploy the interior decor secrets used by the real estate industry you can save a lot of money as a savvier buyer or as an astute interior decorator. You may also want to take a look at this to get further help with decor, so you can keep saving that money with your interior.

Not Too Contemporary

Whenever reputed real estate agents similar to the ones at Reali ( and firms alike are conducting a house showing which they have full reign on by way of the presentation of its interiors, they might never make use of ultra-modern, contemporary interior decor styling, furniture pieces, and other interior decor items. The reason behind this is simple — so that potential buyers don’t get the subconscious feeling that they’re in a hotel or some or other temporary place which is everything but home. Do as they do with your own interiors and you’ll save money in delaying the purchase of ultra-modern interior decor products and services that prove to be ‘too contemporary’ in their pricing as well. Wait a bit before going for contemporary styled interiors, just until the market calms down a bit, if that is the route you want to take in any case.

Demo Furniture and Interior Decor Items

Unless they’re selling a house in which the current occupants are still living, real estate agents often collaborate with furniture shops and interior decorators to make use of demo items just for the presentation. Ask your real estate agent to hook you up with the dealers of those demo items and you can get some good pieces at great prices. I mean how worn can a sofa be if it has only been sat in just once or twice? Its price will come down considerably however, just because of the fact that it’s a demo item.

Cover-Up Jobs

Here’s where you should observe your real estate agent’s antics and then do the exact opposite. In this case, real estate agents often do cover-up jobs with interiors such as the bathroom, mostly within the confines of the law however, but what you see is often not what you get. You’ll perhaps have to take a bit more time sourcing the design and the implementation of the styling of your own fitted bathroom, which should be different from those of a house on show because bar from some serious structural faults, those show-house bathrooms often depict what is called bubble-gum styling. It’s flavour-of-the-week stuff which gets old way too quickly and so that’s just one area of your interior design efforts in which you shouldn’t follow the realtors.

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