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Mentally Preparing Yourself For Your Move Overseas

14th Nov 2014

There are lots of people who dream of moving abroad for a multitude of different reasons. They might be looking for a change of scenery, a better climate, further their education, or maybe even move to where their favourite food comes from.


Whatever the reason, you will need to do some preparation before you take the plunge. That doesn’t mean just looking for cheap moving boxes for sale! Whatever your personal circumstances are there are many factors that you will need to consider before moving abroad.


  • Visa and Work Permits
  • Transporting your Belongings
  • Language
  • Job
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Weather
  • Family


All of these issues will have an effect on how easily your transition can be when moving to a foreign country, so careful consideration, as well as planning to buy cardboard packaging boxes, needs to be done before you take your first step.


Researching Your Country Of Choice


If you have visited your country of choice before on holiday, then this gives you a leg up on your research. This means that you may even be able to speak some of the language. You will need to see how easy it is going to be for you to get a job, as well as making sure that it is fully legal and you have all of the correct permits that are required.


If the native language is not the same as your own, then it is worthwhile taking lessons before you go, as this will make the process of finding a job much easier. Even if you are looking to retire, being able to speak the local language will help to prepare you for your move abroad. Being alone in a foreign country can be quite daunting, and at least speaking the language can help you to socialise, as well as familiarise yourself with your surroundings.


If you have children, it is also good to research the schools available to them as moving to a foreign country will have a major effect on them, especially if they do not speak the local language.


It is also good to study the culture and find out the things that you should know before moving. Whatever country you are looking to move to there is most likely websites and forums for expats, where they can share information, ideas and stories, which could prove to be very useful.


Packing For Your Move


If you are moving abroad on an expat package, your future employer may be willing to pay for the cost of moving your family and possessions. If you do not have a job lined up, then you will have to pay for this yourself.


You will have to think very carefully before deciding on what you are going to take with you. You might want to check out the prices of furniture in your chosen destination, as it could be a lot cheaper buying brand new furnishings when you get there, rather than paying for the cost of moving your belongings via shipping container.


It really is important to take only the necessary items with you on an airplane, and anything else that you wish to take with you can be packed up into boxes, and shipped to you once you arrive. Sea freight is usually cheaper than shipping by air, but it can take quite some time for your belongings to arrive. Once you have booked everything, it will be time to pack your suitcase and prepare for a brand new chapter in your life.


If you prepare correctly and plan things before you go, it could just be the best move that you have ever made!

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