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20th Jun 2015

“I Quit!”

Two words you want to say when overwhelmed with all the demands of being a mum. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, helping with homework and sometimes becoming the house referee are just some ‘wonderful’ things you need to do at home. Of course, things are easier if you have a bunch of housemaids, but not everyone is THAT lucky!

Well, things aren’t that hard! Really! There are many ways to recharge when housework starts to irritate you.  What you need to do first is to talk to your husband and kids about the ‘problem’. Make them understand your need for a time-out. Ask them to do the cooking and the cleaning for a few days. They will survive, trust me! They may panic and complain a lot, but they will survive!

mum relaxing

After informing the family, start planning your ‘No work’ days. Why plan? To savour every minute!  Let me give you four tips on how to have quality time on your own.

  1. If money is not a problem, spend the night in a quiet place or resort by yourself. Get all the rest you want and enjoy the place. Remove all thoughts of cooking, cleaning, running errands and other household stuff. Just breathe in the scenery and delight in the solitude. And, if the place has a massage room or a spa, get that extra pampering too!
  2. If you haven’t done anything daring your whole life, maybe now is the time. Ever tried bungee jumping or parasailing? Try it! It’s an adventure you will never forget!
  3. Discovering a new town isn’t a bad idea too! Travelling abroad is expensive, but there is another option. Explore a nearby town! Enjoy whatever they have to offer! Check out museums, parks, bars, restaurants, clubs or even flea markets. It is important is to recharge your body and spirit while having fun.


Here is a little bonus!

While seeing or trying new stuff, why not add something else to your itinerary? You may even win some cash! Discover online bingo!  Ever heard of the moon bingo promo? You can pocket around £20,000 if you are lucky enough! With that kind of money, you don’t shout bingo … you SING BINGO!  Remember, joining bingo clubs are sometimes risky, but the excitement and the chance to win a few extra pounds will always be there!

Thinking of something to do during your time-out is easy. Getting away from your obligations will be the tricky part. You may feel guilty. The idea or feeling that you are ‘abandoning’ your family will hit you head-on, but you need to stand firm. Quitting should never be an option when you are a mother. Motherhood is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Besides, look at the positive side – kids do grow up!

If you care about your family, do yourself a favour and love yourself first! Take a break when you need it and everything will work out just fine.

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