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Top Techniques to Use Space Better in Kids’ Bedrooms

18th Jun 2015

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When you move into a new home, your kids will usually go in the smaller bedrooms while the parents claim the master bedroom. Of course, this makes perfect sense. But then you realise how much stuff your children have. They really can accumulate so much, from toys to furniture. So because they’re in the smaller rooms, you need to make the most of the space in there. Just like when you have to work with any small room in the house, you can find ways to get around the lack of space and have a functional bedroom that your kids will love.

Use Vertical Space

In any small room, it’s essential to use all the space available to you. But remember, there’s more than just the floor to consider. You have lots of vertical space too, and using the walls will give you a lot more room. Plus, it’s handy if you need to put anything out of the kids’ way. Use the walls to put up shelves both at child level and above little one’s head heights. You can have taller wardrobes and drawers that stretch higher for clothes storage. And for older kids, bunk beds work well for sharing rooms. You could concentrate on the ceiling too, painting it, adding glow-in-the-dark stars or hanging a mobile from it to add extra fun.

Combine Decoration and Storage

If you have a small room, too much decoration can make it look cluttered. So instead of buying lots of pictures and ornaments, you can find furniture and storage that’s fun and beautiful, as well as practical. Buy boxes and storage bins with cute characters on them and choose bright colours for the bed frame or the chest of drawers. Useful items don’t have to be boring, so make them exciting and perhaps even fun to play with too.

Multipurpose Furniture

In the living room, one piece of furniture could be a storage box, a chair and a table all in one. But in the bedroom you can use furniture for multiple purposes too. Start off by looking at kids cabin beds, which make use of vertical space. Kids can sleep in the bed at the top, but they can use the bottom half as a play area, desk or a quiet corner to sit and have some time alone. You could also have storage boxes that double as seating or perhaps a day bed that they can sit on during the day and sleep in at night.

Keep Decoration Two-Dimensional

Try to avoid too much clutter by keeping decorations as unobtrusive as possible. Hang up picture frames or use wall stickers to decorate, instead of having bulky things that would take up too much space. You could hang the kids’ art on a line across the room by attaching their drawings and paintings with clothes pegs. Rugs and cushions are also excellent for decorating without cluttering the room.

It can be difficult to decorate a room when you’re short on space, and even harder when it’s a kid’s bedroom. But with some clever tricks, you can achieve your goals.

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