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Proven Ways of Successfully Handling Dental Emergencies

29th Sep 2015

There can be many things that go wrong with our teeth. Sometimes when an accident occurs it’s good to know what we can do ourselves. This article reveals some helpful tips to help you deal with dental emergencies.

A dental emergency can be the last thing you want to deal with. Something going wrong with your teeth is always a hassle let alone when you have an emergency and need some work done as soon as possible. In this article you will find out some practical things you can do in the event of dental emergency.

First and foremost, it is a good idea to check with your local dentists from dental care clinics such as EastSide Family Dental Care to see what emergency procedures they have in place. Finding out their after-hours hours, for example, means that if something goes wrong, you’ll know you can call up right away and get an appointment no matter what date or time it is. So keeping your dentist’s contact information on your phone is always a good idea.


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Depending on what sort of emergency you have however, you may be able to deal with it yourself. Or, at least initially until you can seek further medical attention from your dentists. The positive of doing everything you can to alleviate the issue may mean that if you have to undergo a treatment, the chances of success are much higher. Therefore this article will aim to help you understand some of the things you can do when those dreaded dental emergencies come knocking at your door.

What you can do in an emergency:

  • If you have knocked out a tooth, one of the best things you can do is to make sure it never dries out. If you have a steady hand, you can have a go at putting the tooth back without coming into contact with the root. If this cannot be done, you still need to keep it moist and can do so by either storing it in a small glass of milk or buying a liquid for tooth preservation. After this, you can get in touch with your doctor immediately to look further into solving the issue.
  • If you have cracked a tooth, you should always get some warm water and rinse your mouth so that it gently cleans the area. Then to ensure you don’t swell up too much, you can put a cold cloth to your cheek and hold it there for a while to reduce the puffiness. Also, remember to save any pieces of broken tooth as they could be used later down the line if they are in good condition and could save you time and money.
  • If you have a really bad toothache, you can normally do things to alleviate the pain and make it slightly more bearable until you reach your dentist. For example, you can clean your mouth out with warm water or try to floss very softly just encase there is debris stuck somewhere. Also you can try gargling with warm salt water or a strong mouthwash such as Corsodyl if you feel like it might be an infection or abscess. This will reduce any swelling and keep the pain at bay until you can go to your dentists. Whatever you do, do NOT put a painkiller on the tooth as this may damage and burn the gum tissue which is the last thing you want.


If you are looking for an emergency dentist, Perth offers a wide variety of options and one of which could be right on your doorstep. So before locating the closest one you should carry out a Google search and see what options you have.

Hopefully you see now that when you are faced with a dental emergency, there may be something you yourself can do to help. Remembering the tips above could potentially save your tooth and make your dentists job much easier.

It’s important to explore your options and act quickly. Sometimes when it comes to dental emergencies, waiting isn’t the best option. So if there is something you can do, do it and contact your dentist straight after to book the next available appointment.

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