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Satisfying Your Shoe Fetish While Keeping the Family’s Budget

1st Apr 2016

Raising two girls is a lot of work. No matter how many children you have, they (or just the one) can be a handful. Between the sleepless nights, the extra laundry, dishes, and cleaning, the crying and screaming, the playtime, and well, we aren’t going to do an endless laundry list here- but that’s the point, it really is an endless amount of work. And on top of all that, as head of the household, you need to make sure you maintain your family’s budget.


Keeping the family’s ledgers all in the black requires a special dedication, especially if your family is operating on a single income. Even if your family is able to afford the time of both parents working, you are likely paying extra for childcare services. Raising children not only is a lot of work, it takes working extra hours to pay for all of the extra expenses that come with children. It takes hundreds of thousands of pounds to raise a child from infancy through uni these days.

Somewhere in there, you may feel like you lost your old self. Where was the gal who could go shoe-shopping with the best of them? Well, you still can go shoe shopping, you just may have to change your approach. While you may not have the time to stroll through a mall, nor the money to pick out whatever pair happens to catch your eye at the moment (even if it fits poorly), you still can get a fair number of shoes if you shop wisely.

Being wise with your time and money is so much more valuable than instant gratification these days- after all, you have your children to give you those moments of deep satisfaction, too. When you are ready to go shoe shopping again, check out Foot Asylum’s new partnership with Groupon. These two are partnering together to offer some of the most incredible footwear at the best discounts on the net. Yes, that’s right- not only can you shop from the comfort of your own home, but you can tack on extra savings too.

Nothing to feel guilty about when shoe shopping now- not only are you being efficient with your time, but with your family’s money as well.

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