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Bump in the Night App

21st Mar 2016

I knew it! I knew it! They have every single app on the market but there are no apps to have my baby for me! I know I shouldn’t be complaining as this is my second child, but at this stage of the pregnancy, it’s driving me crazy. So I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on the Internet trying to find an “I’ll have your baby” app. Alas! To no avail. Boo-hoo!


I think it’s time I went along to my own iOS developer and asked him to do something about my baby bump. Apart from the initial shock, I’m sure that together we can come up with something that can have my baby for me. Opening up an app developer website, what is there to look at here? Lots of different ways to put forward your custom application for an app development but I can’t see the subheading – Baby. Should I be looking at various app developers and maybe approach them with an idea about it? It is a possibility though, right? Maybe I could check here and there and scourge for the right kind of creative mind – someone who could go along with my not so normal idea!

Yes, I know, I think it’s the hormones kicking in and I’m having one of those days. But honestly, with all the apps that are floating around at the moment surely, it’s not asking too much for the developers to come up with something that is going to ease my discomfort. I suppose I can wait until David, my husband, comes home and we can look at more info about a pregnancy app, but I’m not holding out much hope.

Actually, some people have been very creative with regard to applications that cover pregnancies. There are things like I’m expecting, which helps you track everything that’s happening to you and your baby on a daily and weekly basis. There are lots of highlights you can get from this like following your pregnancy symptoms, monitoring your weight, and a social one where you can connect with mums who are sharing your due date.

As I’ve said before, this is my second child so I am reasonably prepared for what’s going to happen. It doesn’t make the whole thing less scary and of course, I have lots of family support. It doesn’t matter what app they develop, nothing can ease the discomfort of a kicking baby and the difficulty of sleeping in the right position of a night time. I’m sure that after this second child, I will be thinking of lots of great ideas to take to my iOS developer and get him working on some new pregnancy applications. I think one of the best apps that could possibly be invented is the one that transfers the pregnancy from the woman to the man. As supportive as your partner can be he will get a whole lot more sympathetic when he fully understands the moments of pain and misery. Just kidding!

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