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Tech winning medals at the Olympics

22nd Aug 2016

The impact of technology in sport is undeniable. Rio 2016 has seen several athletes using tech to help them win medals in various sports. The world has embraced technology and the benefits of what it can do to improve human performance. Some of the technology is still not widely accepted and regarded as cheating. This is what happened to the Russians. The entire team was banned from the Olympics because they used an unacceptable technology as they prepared for the games. However, many other athletes used different forms of technology to give them an edge over their competitors. How the Olympic committee determines what is appropriate use of technology is a whole other story altogether. Creating a level playing field in sport is way harder than making sure every player at has an equal opportunity to win.


Tech may not have been allowed on to the competition arena but it helped athletes to win medals. This tech included Solos smart glasses and iBoxer software. There are many other types of technology that were used that have not been mentioned.

Solos smart glasses where used by the USA cycling team to improve on their performance and win medals. This piece of technology collects information from the bicycle and sends it to the cyclist’s glasses. The rider gets real time feedback on speed, power and pedal revolutions. Although this technology was not used in actual Olympic races it did help them to win medals by enhancing their training sessions.

Boxing champion Nicola Adams used the iBoxer software to help her train for the Olympics. This software helps her coaches to know the best training regimes for her. It also enables her to know the best tactics to use when in the ring.

Data analytics have come a long way in terms of how they can be used to help athletes fine tune their performance. Winning medals is no longer just about skill. Having the right data at your disposal can be the difference between winning and losing.

We still believe that this data analysing software and technology should be made available to everyone just as in online casinos such This will create a fair contest of human physic unlike the gizmo contest that the Olympics are becoming.


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