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The best fitness gear to have to prevent injury

19th Oct 2015

Working out and exercise in general has never been as popular as it is currently. This was, not so long ago, a fairly niche area, but today more and more individuals are getting involved in the world of fitness, and enjoying the numerous benefits it brings.

As well as the obvious health benefits, getting fit helps you to look and feel good, boosts energy levels and can enhance your social life as you find opportunities to meet people with a shared interest.

One of the biggest risks to any athlete is, of course, injury. Even amateur athletes, who do not rely on their sport for an income, must make sure they do all they can to avoid injury, as even a relatively minor one can be extremely painful and a frustrating disruption on the journey to meeting your fitness goals.

Common injuries 

These are some of the most common injuries experienced by people after working out:

  • revention is Better than a Cure
  • to meeting your fitness goals.
  • even a relatively minor one can be extremely painful and a frustKnee, foot and ankle injuries caused by bad posture, leading to poor technique.
  • Lower backLower back straingNeck and back strain caused by inadequate warming up and stretching, both before and after exercise.
  • Shoulder injuries related to carpal tunnel issues, usually aggravated by over-using a computer keyboard. 

Prevention is better than a cure

While there are some excellent recovery products on the market, it is preferable to prevent an injury happening, rather than recover from one. Key to prevention is having the right kit. Investing in this in the early stages of any training or exercise regime is one of the most effective ways of starting strong and preventing injury.

  • Compression gear helps to reduce the risk of injury and aids recovery through improved circulation and reduced muscle vibration, so look out for retailers offering clearance discounts in order to stock up on this type of clothing and gear.
  • A significant number of professional athletes, particularly those in high-impact sports, are using electrode technology to aid recovery. A mild current is applied to the areas worked, which dilates the blood vessels and loosens muscles.
  • Another very popular and lower budget option is a foam roller. These simple, easy to carry pieces of kit help to massage sore areas after a workout. As one of the most common causes of injury is insufficient recovery from your last workout, a short session with one of these can help you get back in the gym or out on the road even sooner.

A sensible investment 

There is often temptation to just get started on a fitness regime in order to make the most of that initial enthusiasm and the momentum it brings. It is essential, however, to take a moment to consider what kit you need, as this is actually the time when one is most at risk of injury, thanks to a lack of experience and perhaps even low levels of fitness. A little bit of research and some well-chosen products are all that is needed to get you off to a flying start, confident that the risk of injury has been reduced.

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