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The Dos and Don’ts of Transporting Valuables

30th Aug 2015

When it comes to moving around things that are dear to you, the last thing you’d think about doing is flinging it into the back of a van and hurling off down the road. Although, by incorrectly packing your valuables before transportation you might as well do it this way! Learning how to correctly pack and move these items is essential, here’s a step by step tutorial:

Step 1: Assess the Situation

How big is the valuable object in question? Does it have a custom transportation case? Can it be dismantled? Are certain points more fragile than others? Will you be able to move it all in one go?

All these questions and more need to be answered before you can even think about taking the first step to moving it.


Step 2: Plan the Move

Once you’ve assessed the needs of the situation, you should plan it out in theory before putting anything into action. Work out things like weight and sizes and ensure that the vehicle(s) you are planning on using will be able to take the load.

Step 3: Prepare the Valuables

Before you do anything else, make sure that the valuable items are properly packaged and secured. If they can be taken apart do this now, taking extra care to thoroughly prepare fragile items.

Step 4: Loading  

When loading the vehicle make sure that the fragile things are properly secured and protected so that they don’t slide around or have anything smash into them during transit. Try to pack everything in as tightly as possible to prevent any damage as the result of movement. If the items are very large make sure that the vehicle is suitable for handling it and that it is properly secured.

Step 5: Transport

If properly loaded there should be no problems with the items being damaged during transportation, however driving carefully is also beneficial. Make sure that the route is properly planned to avoid low bridges and tight roads.

Step 6: Unloading

Make sure you take as much time and care unloading as you did when loading the vehicle. It is often tempting to rush the last step, which is why this is when the most accidents happen. Take out the most fragile items first and leaving the bigger bulkier items till last. Don’t remove any protective packaging until everything has been unloaded.



  • Do take your time
  • Do properly calculate sizes and weights
  • Do protect items with padding and covers
  • Do get help to lift heavy items
  • Do insure your valuables against damage during transport


  • Don’t forget to plan
  • Don’t rush the unloading process
  • Don’t forget to double check that items are secure before transport
  • Don’t ignore this advice

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