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Top Mom Shoes That Pair Fashion and Function

7th Jun 2016

Being a mother changes everything in your life. Gone are sleepy Saturdays, uninterrupted phone calls, and pre-mom fashion. All of those items you previously adored, that were not very practical, have gone out the window. You may have already gotten a “mom bob” or just leave your hair in a perma-ponytail. Gone are the cute clutches, replaced with cross-body bags that will stay on when chasing a toddler.


One element that undergoes a significant overhaul is your choice of footwear. Stiletto heels and flimsy flip flops are not usually up to the rigorous demands of motherhood. But before you find yourself swapping all of your cute kicks out for some white orthopedic nurse shoes, take another look around. Shoe companies have recently realized the importance of comfort and support in shoes, in addition to fashion, and are making great looking, and feeling, shoes available. Included here are a few of the most stylishly comfortable shoes for the busy mom.


If you can’t imagine giving up flip flops in motherhood, but you crave better support, FitFlops may be just the option for you. FitFlops pair an incredibly comfortable footbed with stylish design, giving you all day comfort, but without the garish appearance. They fit to your foot better than the cheap foam flip flops, giving you improved support and stability all day.

Cole Haan

For moms who need a semi-dressy shoe, that stays on their foot and is comfortable, Cole Haan Milly Wedge Pumps may be just the choice. These shoes have the design of a flat, with a mild wedge on the back heel. The foot bed is constructed with Nike Air technology, offering superior comfort and support throughout the day.


A great athletic wear brand, Teva shoes offer a nice blend of casual with superior performance comfort. The Teva Makena ballet flats are a no-heeled shoe, with a fantastic gripping sole and snug foot-hugging design. These can be worn with shorts and activewear dresses throughout the summer, to keep you comfortable and running. To see what you can pair it with, you may want to take a look at a webpage like Unionbay to see how they can help you co-ordinate these outfits.


While Chaco’s are famous for their superior comfort, design, and performance, they are not typically viewed as the most fashionable shoe. With a polyester strap around the foot topping a thick rubber footbed, most fashionistas would shudder at the sight of them. Fortunately, Chaco’s have taken the comments about their appearance to heart, and have designed a few fashion-forward designs for the summer months.

Chaco’s Dora and Sofia styles pair a fashionable leather strappy design with their beloved footbed. These shoes are perfect for spending a day walking or shopping with kids, playing in water, and even heading straight out to dinner. Paired with an athletic dress, you can be a mom on the move who hasn’t forsaken fashion!

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